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From: "Connie Burkett" <>
Subject: RE: [CENSUS-CHAT-L] Numbering question
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 13:01:15 -0400

Hi Angela, please follow the "Transcibing Help" rules for the page numbers
to include the 'a'. The main reason for this is that when we use your
transcribed file and create the files that get uploaded we use the page
number of the first page in that file for the file name. We try to limit
the file size for any one file to a maximum size of between 100K-125K so
that it does not take forever to open that file. Therefore, we sometimes
create multiple files for your transcription. If you don't use the 'a' at
the end of the first page of a 2-page set the resulting file names will not
sort correctly in the subfolder. As an example suppose the file names are
pg00026.txt, pg0041b.txt, pg00056.txt, pg0061b.txt, they would appear
out-of-sequence in the ftp subfolder as:


So please use the 'a' after the page number.

Connie Burkett

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I am transcribing an S&K census book and I just noticed in the
index that the numbering system is (for instance) 26 and 26b. I
have been following the transcription rules of putting 'a" and "b" with
the page numbers . Should I continue doing it this way or will it
cause confusion later for researchers. Should I follow the index
numbering pattern? Thank you!

Angela Pratt Whaley
Researching Barnes, Covalt, Cowell, Davis,
Ford, Pratt, Weekley, Whaley
Transcribing 1850 Barbour Co, (W)Va census
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