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Subject: [CENSUS-CHAT-L] Currituck County ,North Carolina Early History
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1999 01:01:05 EDT

Early History
Currituck County ,North Carolina
The first white settlement in North Carolina prior to 1700 began about 1660
in the Chowan area of Albemarle sound. It is generally thought that people
from the Virginia Colony moved south to form this first settlement.
The first charter for land and governance in this area was mde in 1663. By
the time of the second in 1665, the sound and the colony were named
Albemarle. As the early settlement grew, Albemarle County was divided into
four precincts -- Currituck, Perquimans, Pasquotank, and Chowan. As early as
1668 , Currituck was formed as a precinct of Albemarle County.
Traditionally it is said to have been "Coratank", an Indian word for wild
geese -- and spellings in early records range from Currytuck to Coratuck.
Currituck forms the most northeast region in North Carolina and as part of
the original Albemarle County was called Carteret for portion of the time
prior to 1681. It abutts Virginia just across from what is now the Virginia
Beach area.
There are a few issues with Currituck records. Parts of Currituck, Bertie,
Chowan, and Pasquotank were taken in 1729 to form Tyrell. The 1820 census is
missing. An 1842 courthouse fire destroyed many remaining pre-1842 records
for Currituck County, including marriage records.

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