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Subject: [CENSUS-CHAT-L] Early Pioneers-Women of the West Museum
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Hi Joan,
This is a pretty interesting site. Hope it helps.
Linda House Brousseau

Women of the West
Traditional images of America's push westward inevitably include the
rugged cowpoke or soldier. Now, it's the women's turn online at
The Women of the West museum documenting "the continuing role
of women in the development of the American West."

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Great! I love reading about the Iowa territory in it's early years,
since my ancestors, the Daniel Webster Councils, and Clyde Austin
Thissel family came through there and settled (in Mahaska County)
before migrating to KS , MO and finally OR. Also, didn't William Cody's,
(Buffalo Bill) father James and family come from there before heading
for KS and Wyoming?

Does anyone have any knowledge of these early pioneers of the 1800s?

Joan A

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