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From: "Gordon A. WATTS" <>
Subject: [CENSUS-CHAT-L] Post 1901 Census in Canada
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 23:34:03 -0000

Greetings Listers

Have you ever used information in Canadian Census records to find that
great-great- grandfather James XXX was married to Mary, and that they
had four daughters and five sons, most of whom you were previously
unaware of? Have you been able to find that g-g-grandfather James was
born dd-mm-yy and that Mary was born dd-mm-yy? Did you find their
countries of origin? Did you find the ages and birthdates of their
children? Did you find the location of their homestead and that in
1901 they owned one horse, two cows, and three sheep? Would you like
to continue using Canada's Census records to find information like

Did you know that the last Census of Canada that was released to the
Public was for 1901?

Are you aware that under current legislation in Canada THERE WILL

Did you know that privacy/confidentiality clauses in Canada's
Statistics Acts since 1906 over-ride clauses in the Privacy Act that
allowed Census records containing personal/identifiable information to
be released to the National Archives, and subsequently to the Public
92 years after collection?

A Canada-wide committee of genealogists and historians, of which I am
a part, are dedicated to obtaining the release of Canada's Post 1901
Census records to the Public. We have been working on the internet
encouraging interested genealogists and historians to write Members of
Parliament, the Hon. John Manley - Minister for Industry and Minister
responsible for Statistics Canada, and the Hon. Sheila Copps -
Minister for Canada Heritage. The purpose of writing is to express
our dismay with the current legislation and to urge them to take steps
to remedy the situation.

A formal Petition to the House of Commons of Canada has been drawn up
and is being circulated Canada-wide. This petition, for
citizens/residents of Canada to sign, urges the Government of Canada
to take whatever steps necessary to retroactively amend
Privacy/confidentiality clauses of Statistics Acts since 1906 to allow
Release to the Public of Post 1901 Census records, starting with the
1906 Census.

This petition is downloadable from the Post 1901 Census Project page


Available shortly from the same website will be a French Language
petition, identical in content to the English version. These
petitions will be presented to the House of Commons in October 1999.

After many requests from people living outside of Canada, a petition
to be signed by citizens/residents of countries other than Canada, but
having roots in Canada, will also be downloadable. This petition has
been worded to compliment the petition to the House of Commons and
will be used as support in the Senate by Senator Lorna Milne.

Also available at this site is a more detailed explanation of the
problem, sample letters to write to Members of Parliament and the
appropriate Ministers, excerpts from Hansard that detail efforts by
Senator Lorna Milne in the Senate of Canada, to bring attention to
this problem, and links to other websites that have information
regarding the problem and our campaign.

There is a Scoreboard that lists all 301 Members of Parliament, their
e-mail addresses, and shows how they would vote on a Bill to Release
to the Public Post 1901 Census records. Click on your MP's name to
bring up a correspondence log for him/her.

Finally at this site are links to articles I have written on the Post
1901 Census campaign for the Global Gazette and for The Family Tree,
as well as a link to a speech given by Senator Lorna Milne to the
Ontario Genealogy Society convention.

I have set up a mailing list to be used as a forum for genealogists
and historians interested in Post 1901 Census issues. Everyone having
an interest in Canada's Census information is more than welcome to
join the list and participate in the discussion. To join this mailing
list send an e-mail to

with ONLY the word SUBSCRIBE in the Subject line and/or the body of
the message. Please do not have any other text, or signature files,
in the body of the message, or the server will reject your e-mail.

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to other lists to which you
belong. Happy Hunting.

Gordon A. WATTS
Port Coquitlam, BC
ICQ # 9183352

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