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From: "Dick Tague" <>
Subject: Re: [CENSUS-CHAT] info request
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2010 18:21:42 -0500
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Hi Laura, Believe I may have found your household in 1920 but first a
request. Names of known offsping of Antonio. And always consider the
suggestions of others.

We can't tell you how to do your own research or how to post a good request,
but our offerings can make it a lot easier. Dick
May you live to be a hundred, with an extra year to repent! (Irish proverb)
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Sent: Saturday, April 03, 2010 3:51 PM
Subject: [CENSUS-CHAT] info request

> Hello,
> I am getting my feet wet with this geneology thing. I am the
> great-granddaughter of Antonio Albanese. From the information I have he
> was
> born Feb 2, 1882 in Resuttano, Sicily, Italy and was married to Vincenza
> and
> later on someone named Catherine Benny. I know he was residing in
> Barnesboro at least from 1914 and was buried there in 1966. If you could
> provide me with any census info between those times it would be greatly
> appreciated.

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