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From: Søren Henning Dalgaard <>
Subject: [CFTW] Indexed book
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 17:00:24 +0100

In ver 3.03 Random printing from the indexed book doesn't clear the table of
contents. That was exactly what I was asking for, thank You, but the
performance penalty may be too great.

When printing a simple text report. No indexing of names, no sources
attached, CFTW is working for a couple of minutes before it even begins to
build the actual report. Printing the report may take two or three seconds,
and then CFTW again is busy for a couple of minutes. In other words printing
half a page of pure text means several minutes of reindexing and two or thre
seconds of printing. Further it seams like the reindexing takes place both
before and after building the report.

During both indexing phases, CFTW is I/O bound, it makes millions of I/O to
the .book file, and it hardly consumes any CPU.

Now I have ordered a new Athlon 0.9 GHz (couldn't afford the 1.2 GHz) and
I'm testing RAMdiskNT, but I think that it is pretty much computer power to
support such a small application. Still on my old PIII 550 MHz and with
RAMdiskNT I have reduced the indexing phase to two times 27 seconds.

All of You, what do you think, Is the performance penalty too large.? Should
we go back to previewing all reports before the one we want to print.?

Another thing I find strange is that the book-file varies in size from 974
kb to 2271 kb. I don't know for sure, but I think that if the complete book
is previewed in chronological order, the size is small, and if I have being
randomly printing the book-file gets larger.

If I print, say chapter 10, and a person N.N. is reported in that chapter,
and I later on reprints chapter 3, and the same person N.N. is also reported
in that chapter, I will get the text "This person's story is previously
written. See page 637", and on page 637 I have a link back to chapter 3.

When working in the Indexed book window, the working area is very sensitive
to mouse movements. As a computer pro. I think that I'm pretty good in
handling the mouse, but a single click at the mouse most of the time clears
the table of contents and I will have to preview the whole book again. At
the moment my book consist of 54 reports, most of then is simple text
reports, and previewing the whole book takes 54 times 5 min. = 4 and a half
hour in pure indexing.

Could the mouse bee disabled in the working area?

I'm afraid that I my self started all this by asking for random print of
chapters in the Indexed Book. Now I don't know whether the mess I have
started can be fixed or we should go back to printing/previewing in
chronological order.

Søren Henning Dalgaard

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