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From: Søren Henning Dalgaard <>
Subject: SV: [CFTW] Indexed book
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 23:01:01 +0100

That is exactly my point, if I have performance problems someone else should
have them too, but perhaps I'm publishing more than most of you, and
therefore I was the first to notice the problem.

I frequently send updated CD-ROMS to my family with the book as a PDF-file,
sometimes the only changes are corrections to transcripted source documents,
birth dates etc. that is why I asked for the ability to print random
chapters in the indexed book in the first place.

Perhaps I'm the only one that works that way? Perhaps I'm the only one that
suffers for the performance problem? Perhaps I'm the only one that uses
random printing of chapters from the Indexed book?

Søren Henning Dalgaard

-----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
Fra: Greg Tomerlin [mailto:]
Sendt: 1. november 2000 22:25
Emne: Re: [CFTW] Indexed book

>Still on my old PIII 550 MHz and with

Sorry for the off-topic message, but...

Wow! Your email makes me feel cheap. I would KILL for a system that stout,
and it's "old" to you. What are you going to do with that monster when you
get that CRAY you mentioned? <grin>

Obligatory CFTW comment: I too would appreciate a way to create TAB
delimited files within CFTW for use in spreadsheets, etc.

Greg Tomerlin
Lebanon, TN

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