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From: Ira J Lund <>
Subject: Re: [CFTW] Indexed book
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2000 06:03:59 -0600
In-Reply-To: <C5022D5E7431D411AFA10000F809550D1CADFC@nt7>

>In ver 3.03 Random printing from the indexed book doesn't clear the table of
>contents. That was exactly what I was asking for, thank You, but the
>performance penalty may be too great.

Without sending back the entire quote, I will make a few comments. First,
the indexed book is one of the more complicated parts of the program.
Trying to keep track of both names on pages and prior printed people and
sources for the Bibliography, etc. does cause lots of extra work. Starting
with a clean fresh new book and walking one by one through it printing
without backing up is likely the cleanest way to make sure all the indexes
are correct. The jumping back to reprint a chapter, etc. causes headaches
and I cannot remember all the gyrations I have to go through to make sure
that paging is straightened out properly for the indexes and source
references. All I can remember is that it is tricky and because of this I
don't doubt that there may be bugs and perhaps a faster way to make this
happen. I will have to revisit everything you have mentioned about the
Indexed Book and see if I can smooth things out.

Mr. Ira J. Lund
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