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From: Ira J Lund <>
Subject: Re: [CFTW] 3.02/3.03 Misc.
Date: Sun, 05 Nov 2000 19:24:47 -0600
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>>These are WMF that are being viewed in preview
>I have to open the preview window before I can access the text file option.
>Am I correct in assuming that when I want to save to a text file the report
>is first converted to a WMF file and then converted to text format when I
>click on the "text" button?
>Could you not have the option to save to text file in the "Print Report"
>window as well as the preview window and thus avoid the time consuming WMF
>conversion when preview is not required which for me is nearly always. Big
>reports take a long time to open in the preview window.

Yes, you are correct. The reports are actually generated by Clarion's
report engine (the programming language I use) and they get created as WMF.
The save as ASCII option actually parses the WMF, looking for text,
extracts it and dumps it to an ASCII file.

The time consuming conversion to WMF is not because it is converted to WMF.
It is because of all the lookups, relationships, etc. that have to be done
as a matter of creating the reports. In other words, it would take as long
regardless of the end results. But actually it would take "me" longer to do
as you suggest, since then I would have to actually write a seperate
routine for each report to generate a plain text file. As it is now I have
only ONE routine to convert WMF to ASCII. This will convert a WMF to ASCII
regardless of which report generated the WMF.

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