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From: Ira J Lund <>
Subject: Re: [CFTW] Bug : No more shortcut keys when using french language
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 07:20:51 -0600
In-Reply-To: <20001110071110.F15284@mykerinos>

At 07:11 AM 11/10/2000 +0100, you wrote:
>CFTW 3.03
>If I use french for the program (not for the database), the usual shortcut
>keys for moving from current individual to (F)ather, (S)pouse,
>(MĀ°other...and (O)ther Marriages, and so not work anymore.
>As soon as I set CFTW back to english, they work again....
>I didn't try, but I guess that this is similar for other "foreign" languages.

If you read the translation process in the PDF manual you will see that the
translators can set their own short cut keys. You can see what they are now
by slowly moving hte mouse over the short cut and see if the little tip
that pops up shows the new shortcut. OR each item you mention are on the
Indivdiual Menu. Look at the Individual Menu and to the right of each item
should be showing the correct short cut key. Since F, M, S, C are the first
letters of the appropriate names (father, mother, spouse, child) other
langauges can use the first letter of their appropriate names.


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