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From: Christian Perrier <>
Subject: [CFTW] Merging *couples*
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 17:36:19 +0100

What is the proper way for merging *couples*?

Let's say I have IRN 1 married with IRN 2 ans IRN 1001 married with 1002

I finally find that 1=1001 and 2=1002

The only way I found has been to first merge 1001 into 1 and then merge 1002
into 2

The problem is then that both individuals have *two* marriages. Both
marriages with the other individual.

Is there a possibility to "merge the marriages"? If I delete one of both,
any family-type event associated with this marriage then disappears.

The only way I found until now is to look for these family events, record
then, delete the marriage and then re-enter them.

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