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From: "Mike Calder" <>
Subject: [CFTW] Print Preview Limit?
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 10:21:43 +1100

G'day Ira,

I seem to be having a problem with Print Previewing an Ancestral Story
covering 5 generations. There are 23 records involved and I have ALL events
included. The "Preparing Report" gets to 65% and then the prog is "Not
responding". My system Resources meter shows System Resources 68% free, User
Resources 68% free and GDI Resources 80% free.

I do not have any trouble if I restrict to 4 generations. There are 13
records and the result is 15 pages. These pages contain those persons with
the bulk of the events detail (parents, grandparents and

I have tried the 5 generations with all LDS events unselected together with
a few of the more esoteric ones but it still stops responding at 65%.

I cannot find anything in the HELP about a limit although there is mention
"When printing large reports (especially with many photos) there needs to be
a large amount of free disk
space to hold the temporary WMF images and files for the Print Manager
queue. If you get a GPF
(General Protection Fault) while printing reports the first place to check
is for free hard disk space."

There are no photos in this report. I have tried 4 generations with separate
pages for each person and the report is then 21 pages long but of course
without additional data.

Oh, yes. I think I can do a print only without the preview but I need the
preview to produce a text file for putting on a floppy. In this regard I
have just tried this and went to cancel after about 30% and printing ceased
after 5 pages BUT again the program locked up [Not responding].



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