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From: "Hendrik J Bosman" <>
Subject: [CFTW] Bug : Shortcut keys NOT A BUG
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 14:39:29 +0200
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Dear Friends,

When translating into Afrikaans I alos came across the oprion of sticking to
shortcut keys or not. I simply decided that it was not really necessary to
have shortcut keys since i`m using the mouse anyway. So, where it was not
directly possible to translate using the deafault key I simply did not
inmdacate the availability of such a key.

My opinion. This is NOT A BUG in the program rather a BUG in the
incompatibility of different languages.

Blessed Greetings,

Hendrik Jozephus Bosman
Afrikaans Translator - CFTW
Pringle Bay
South Africa

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From: "Christian Perrier (by way of "George W. Durman"
<>)" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, November 13, 2000 2:15 AM
Subject: Re: [CFTW] Bug : No more shortcut keys when using french language

: Quoting Ira J Lund ():
: > If you read the translation process in the PDF manual you will see that
: Ahem. I should read more docs...:-). Not really evident, when you use the
: software for such a long time...
: > translators can set their own short cut keys. You can see what they are
: > by slowly moving hte mouse over the short cut and see if the little tip
: > that pops up shows the new shortcut. OR each item you mention are on
: > Indivdiual Menu. Look at the Individual Menu and to the right of each
: > should be showing the correct short cut key. Since F, M, S, C are the
: > letters of the appropriate names (father, mother, spouse, child) other
: > langauges can use the first letter of their appropriate names.
: This is what came to my mind first. But, when trying P instead of F (Père
: for Father), nothing really happened.
: I'll check your suggestion...and I really hope that the french translator
: did not change single key shortcuts to two-key shortcuts. For my unix
: background, single key shortcuts are one of the great features of CFT....
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