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From: João Pereira <>
Subject: Re: [CFTW] Print Preview Limit?
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 14:28:21 +0000
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About this error, I have not read the initial message in the thread but if I am
guessing right the user is complaining about the fact that it is not possible to
get a complete preview of a report.

I've had this happen when there wasn't enough hard drive space to create the
temporary files CFTW needs, which I guess may be your C drive and not whichever
other drive the database and/or software is located in. In my case, I discovered
that the program did not erase the temp files when this error occurred, which
meant each time I tried the procedure I ended up with less space, as more temp
files were created and not erased. I started off not seeing the last 100 or so
of +2000 pages of an Ahnentafel, then I couldn't see half of them when I retried
and soon the software would freeze upon starting. When I looked, my C drive was
full of temp files!

Could this be what is happening?

João Pereira

Ira J Lund wrote:

> >> Another idea is to run the Rebuild in case there are any internal
> >> pointers messed up that could be causing this.
> >
> >I have moved a partition to increase the G drive free space to 270 Mb,
> >incidentally at the expense of the C Drive now 421 Mb.
> >
> >I did a rebuild and also tried another key individual with only 4
> >generations. This time things bombed out at 47% of 15 records. This key
> >individual does not, to the best of my belief, have any common records with
> >the original test (repeated below).
> Well, this is certainly a hard one to figure out. I will add this to my
> list of things to check and see if I can duplicate these problems and see
> if I can figure a way out of them. From your second message it does not
> look like a space problem. There well may be a bug in the ancestral story.
> If I cannot duplciate this later, I may ask for a copy of your database.
> Maybe I can duplicate it with your data.
> I will look as I have time. Not sure what to tell you right now.

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