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From: João Pereira <>
Subject: Re: [CFTW] Print Preview Limit?
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 14:52:10 +0000
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I can no longer be sure but I suspect you can define your windows temporary
directory. As a default however I think it's c:\windows\temp, since on my laptop,
running windows 95 that's where the cftw temp files end up (and they're the
Cla#####.tmp files Mike Calder was talking about, where #### = an hexadecimal
ordination string corresponding to the number of pages in the preview). On my NT 4
desktop system, the temporary directory is simply c:\temp, but as I say it might
have been me who defined it to be so.

As to the way the temp files are erased, on a normal exit, cftw does erase them,
but not so when it ends in error (I'm only familiar with your 2.5x versions - do
not know the way 3.0x deals with it)

João Pereira

> This is what I suspected. Can you tell us the location of the temp files?
> Perhaps c:\windows\temp?
> In the case we were discussing it did sound like there was quite a bit of
> hard drive space. but then as you point out it may be slowly using more and
> more temp space.
> It may be that I could add a routine at the beginning of the Preview to
> delete all temp files before generating the preview. Normally I believe
> that temp files should have been deleted when exiting the preview.
> Ira
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