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From: "Brian McDonald" <>
Subject: [CFTW] Footnote Alignment - Printed Reports
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 12:30:31 +0800

Ira and List,

When odd right/even left page numbering is selected the footnote is right
justified on even pages. My second line of the footnote is short and when
displaced to the right it looks out of place.

Footnote lines can be padded with spaces to eliminate this displacement, as long
as there is a character which will terminate the line following the spaces -
carriage return does not work. Some lines may have information which lends
itself to the insertion of spaces between the 'words' to adjust the line length
as required.

I needed a non-printable character to end my short second line so a blank, from
the character map (windows), code Alt+0160 did the trick.

Lower case descenders (serif) are being clipped on the bottom line of the
footnote when printed on A4 paper using the default 9pt font (although it all
appears normal on the preview). Can the page layout be adjusted to allow the
default 9pt font to print correctly.


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