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From: "Ekkehard Mueller" <>
Subject: [CFTW] V3.04 rebuild destroys event
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 23:26:48 +0100

Dear Ira,

thanks for the new version 3.04.

Unfortunately, rebuilding indexes will destroy the last event of the last
individual, i.e. the individual with the largest ID in the database. After
the rebuild, this event is shown as "<>" in the individual editor and all
the event's data is lost.
You can easily reproduce this bug by adding an arbitrary event at the bottom
of the event list of the individual with the largest ID. Rebuild will
destroy it.

BTW, despite to all the discussion about the name change event, V3.04 still
does not show name changes in the name search dialog (although, according to
the release notes in the manual, this is told to be fixed).


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