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From: "Mike Calder" <>
Subject: [CFTW] Print Preview Problem (was Limit)
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 22:56:52 +1100
References: <>

G'day Ira,

> I haven't yet addressed. (One was Mike Calder's problem with Print Preview
> Limit which I could not duplicate. If still a problem Mike, we may need to
> look at your database and really spend some time digging here.)

I do not think it is necessary to send the DB yet. I have been doing some
more "simulation" by trying to Print Preview a number of different Ancestral

I have had problems with as few as 2 generations. Sounds ridiculous I know.
Just the person and mother and father. I had started with a theory that it
was related to "blanks generations" occurring in the ancestral tree. Then I
thought that I had found a particular person (where there may have been
corrupt data) being involved at some stage in each "tree" however that now
longer seems to be the case.

I am now again of the opinion that it is related to what I call "blanks".

For example. You have a person for whom you have a "full" maternal/paternal
lineage going back many generations but on the other side you only have say
a father/mother with only a couple of generations. The breakdown (program
has ceased responding) seem to occur when you select an Ancestral Story for
X generations that has any branch of the tree with one or more consecutive
generations "blank".

For Instance. My daughter has her paternal line on my mother's side with one
"pair" missing in the 6th generation although on my father's side it is
complete at 6 and even further.

If I try to generate her Ancestral tree for 4 generations it is OK but at 5
it stalls.

If I then take her father (me), I am OK for 3 generations but stall at 4
even though there are many less records.

If I then take my mother, OK for 2 generations (her mother and father) but
stalls at 3.

Finally for my grandfather (DIXON) where I have his father's DIXON line back
a further 6 generations but only his mother with no parents (this is the
missing "pair" I talked about earlier) I CANNOT generate a 2 generation
Ancestral Story.

This is where I thought there may have been an error in the data on his
mother but I have been able to recreate the same results in other lines not
including her.

Sorry for the lengthy description but you may like to see what you can come
up with before I send you a copy of my DB.



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