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From: Ira J Lund <>
Subject: Re: [CFTW] V3.04 rebuild destroys event
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 05:58:17 -0600

>>Unfortunately, rebuilding indexes will destroy the last event of the last
>>individual, i.e. the individual with the largest ID in the database. After
>>the rebuild, this event is shown as "<>" in the individual editor and all
>>the event's data is lost.
>>You can easily reproduce this bug by adding an arbitrary event at the bottom
>>of the event list of the individual with the largest ID. Rebuild will
>>destroy it.
>This may be a bug that has been there for a while. I had seen this in my
>own data I recall, but never knew why. Thanks, I will definately try to
>find and kill this bug.

The person who told me about this - can you please ZIP and e-mail your
database to me. I tried to duplicate this with a NEW database (only a few
names) and all worked fine. Therefore, I assume there is something strange
inside particular databases that actually cause this. If I had such a
database and can duplicate the bug, I am sure I can fix it.

Thanks, Ira
Mr. Ira J. Lund
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Cumberland Family Software, 385 Idaho Springs Road, Clarksville TN 37043

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