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From: "Ian Westergaard" <>
Subject: Re: [CFTW] "Abt"="ca" in french?
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 08:11:59 +1300
References: <20001127065534.K22416@mykerinos> <3A226B2F.11790.B78F2E@localhost> <20001128065121.O22416@mykerinos>

It is better that you do not use any abbreviations.

Even if they are recognised as being standard today they may not be in fifty
or a hundred years from now. We are researching for posterity aren't we?

In transcribing and translating old documents I have continually been
frustrated by obscure abbreviations which may well have been standard when
they were written. Often the word which was abbreviated is not used today.
By using abbreviations we are passing the same problem on to future

In the case under discussion substituting "ca" for "vers" is almost certain
to cause confusion in the future.

My apologies if this is considered off topic.

Ian Westergaard
New Zealand

> Quoting Henri Correard ():
> > "ca" is an abbreviation of latin "circa" which means "about". It's
> > used by french genealogists as an abbreviation for "vers".

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