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From: Søren Henning Dalgaard <>
Subject: SV: [CFTW] CFT-Win Ver 3.04 - List of Fixes & Enahancements
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 15:49:39 +0100


It would bee really nice to have of list of "known problems" as well, or
should we always report the bugs again when a new version is released.?

May bee you also should publish a list of future enhancements. That way we
wouldn't ask for features that you have already planed.

Søren Henning Dalgaard

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Fra: Ira J Lund [mailto:]
Sendt: 24. november 2000 16:02
Emne: Re: [CFTW] CFT-Win Ver 3.04 - List of Fixes & Enahancements

>Ira, I suppose you track down your changes in some kind of CHANGES file. If
>so, what do you think of posting this file to the list when you announce a
>new release of CFT?
>This would be a small helpr for those of us who reported somehting in the
>past so that we see if our wish/bug report has been corrected?

The changes are in the Appendix of the new PDF manual.

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