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From: "Scott Swedlow" <>
Subject: [CFT-WIN] Printing of Place Notes
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2007 23:42:46 -0600
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I read in a couple of messages in the RootsWeb archives that you are able to
print place notes when printing a place list report but, for some reason, I
am not able to find this selection.

For example, I am printing a Cemeteries report from the "Place Name List"
report where I have previously created a Place Name selection list called
Cemeteries and manually added each cemetery to it that I wanted to report

When I go to print the Place List report, the only options I have are:

1) Setup - General (to set up Page Size, Footnote, Name & Source, etc.)
2) Sort Order - By Name or By Locality
3) Include Individuals checkbox
4) Include IRN checkbox
5) Include Sources.

How to I optionally print items like the Latitude/Longitude and the "Note:"
where I have things like the Cemetery address and other information about
the Cemetery.

This is more than just an address I am trying to print. Here is an example:

"The cemetery, on Serpentine Road is also known as: Rhode Island Historical
Cemetery Warren #3.

There are 400 burials. The numbering for this lot is divided into 4
sections. #1-75 is Section A at the north end. #201-220 is Section B in the
north center. #301-343 Section C in the south center. #401-500 is Section D
at the south end."

Am I not seeing the Print place notes selection box? I am using version

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give me on this.


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