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From: "Hugo Slater" <>
Subject: Re: [CFT-WIN] What is new in CFT Ver 3.20?
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 09:28:32 +0200
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Dear Ira,

Always feel guilty about this, as I know where you stand on "improvements"
to Cumberland Family Tree, but I have noticed that the "WITNESS" tab has
been removed from the Baptism and Wedding Events.

Is this intentional, or a glitch ... Or is there some way I can switch it
on again?

The reason I need it is that I am construction a database of all of the
Settlers that came to South Africa in 1820, and as such, the only records I
have of some individuals is as Witnesses to events, so I have added them to
the database as such. With this Tab removed, I have no way of connecting
them to other individuals in my database.

As always, and many others have said this, thank you for your time on this,
and for what must surely be the best Genealogy program on the market.

Best wishes,

Hugo Slater

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Sent: 10 November 2007 14:41
Subject: [CFT-WIN] What is new in CFT Ver 3.20?

Sorry to disappoint but there really are no improvements. I just did a
couple of tweeks (hopefully not noticable) except for the icon that shows on
the opening window.

The one "big" change I made was to fix a problem with CFT and Vista. In
Windows Vista this problem is being caused by what is called "User Account
Control" which will not allow certain files to be renamed by CFT on startup.
The problem with CFT occurs with the stdevent.tps and ucc.tps files which
get renamed by CFT and Vista won't let it rename.

Sales of CFT have dropped dramatically the past year or so and I really make
no money from it any more. Perhaps because a lot of Vista customers just
leave discouraged? I don't know. Perhaps because I have not upgraded for so

So I changed the look of my web site and bumped the price for new users from
$25 to $39. You'd be surprised how many more people bought CFT when it was
$45 vs when it was only $25!!

Anyway, I am really not in it for the money. I figure that since I keep
working on my own genealogy and can't find another program that does what I
like the way CFT does, I figure I might as well leave it out there for
others also.

I am now up to over 73,000 names in my database - well documented - every
person and every event has at least one source. And lots of notes.
(112,717,568 bytes divided by 73,659 individuals = avg of 1530 bytes per

And I have been doing a lot of work lately (Vest-Agder, Norway mostly).

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