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Subject: OK Choctaw request for updated addresses, con't.
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 18:17:12 -0400

If you have information about current addresses for any of the following names, please contact Choctaw Membership Dept., toll-free, at: 1-800-522-6170:

"G", con't:

Goodson, Larry
Goodwin, Kevin
Goodwin, Jonathan
Goodwin, William
Goodwin, Lane
Gorden, Donnie
Gordon, Twila
Gordon, James
Gordon, Christina
Gordon, Timothy
Gore, Melissa
Gore, Teresa
Gore, Joshua
Gore, Derrie
Goss, Denise
Goss, Gilbert
Goss, Andrew
Goss, Grace
Gotes, Heather
Gouldsby, George
Gourley, Sandra
Gourley, Lori
Gourley, Lori

Grable, Covelle
Grable, Marilyn
Grace, Jerry
Gracey, Randal
Gragg, Cheryl
Gragg, Alicia
Gragg, Jeremy
Gragg, Jason
Gragg, Bert

Graham, Kelly
Graham, Dewayne
Graham, Jennifer
Graham, David
Graham, Marianne
Graham, Justin
Graham, Michael
Graham, Bob
Graham, Elizabeth
Graham, Randall

Grammer, Charles
Grana, Debra
Grantham, Mary
Grass, Nina
Gratner, Blake

Graves, Kevin
Graves, Dallas
Graves, Bruce
Graves, Timothy
Graves, Bonnie
Graves, Robin

Gray, Jennifer
Gray, Suzanne
Gray, Sharon
Gray, Peggy
Gray, Christopher
Gray, Tammy
Gray, Sondra
Gray, Judy
Gray, Lory
Gray, Caleb
Gray, Emily
Gray, Edward

Gray, Janene
Gray, Thomas
Gray, Johnny
Gray, Kenneth
Gray, Billy
Gray, Calvin (2 in a row)
Gray, Terry
Gray, Kimberli
Gray, Robert
Gray, Roy
Gray, Garvin

Grayham, Benny
Greb, Christie

Green, Jennifer
Green, Donna
Green, Joseph
Green, Margaret
Green, Marlana
Green, Joyce
Green, Harold
Green, Jennifer
Green, Ryan
Green, Rebecca

Green, Vicki
Green, Glenda
Green, Christie
Green, Carmen
Green, Robert
Green, Pamela
Green, Richard
Green, Edna
Green, Kevin
Green, Julie

Green, Richard
Green, Debra
Green, Catherine
Green, Vickie
Green, Allana
Green, Joseph
Green, Ray
Green, Kathy
Green, Kenneth
Green, Dianna

Green, John
Green, Weldon
Green, Wayne
Green, Sandra
Green, Lisa
Green, Ernest
Green, Steven
Green, Ollie

Greene, Hayden
Greenhaw, Teresa
Greenhaw, Rory
Greenwood, Vara
Greer, Bethany
Gregg, Sheena
Gregg, Robert
Gregg, Elizabeth
Gregg, Gary
Gregor, Jacob
Gregor, Justin

Gregory, Kathaleen
Gregory, Nicholas
Gregory, James
Gregory, Jeremy
Gregory, Lana
Gregory, Thelma
Gregory, Lauri
Gregory, Bryce
Gregory, Cammy
Gregory, Maegan

Greiner, Tonya
Griep, Mary
Griffin, Scarlett
Griffin, Joshua
Griffin, Stephanie
Griffin, Sheila
Griffin, Warren
Griffin, Maudie
Griffin, Lalisa
Griffin, Austin

Griffith, Trina
Griffith, James
Griffith, Kimberly
Griffith, Carolyn

Griffitts, Davey
Griffitts, Thomas
Griggs, Janice
Griggs, Carol
Grigsby, Rance
Grigsby, Matthew
Grimes, Kevin
Grimes, Joseph
Grimes, Christopher
Grimes, Rebecca
Grimes, Justin
Grippando, Melissa
Grissam, Damian
Grissom, Patricia
Grissom, Johnnie
Grissom, Walter
Grizzell, Janice
Grizzle, Christopher
Grochowski, Thomas
Grooms, Salissa
Grose, Jennifer
Grose, Shelia
Gross, Boyd
Grove, Jerald
Grover, Robin
Groves, Mitzi
Grubbs, Jerry
Grubbs, Jonathon
Grubbs, Tommy
Grubbs, Carol
Grubbs, Bobby
Grubbs, Mechiel
Grubs, Ben
Gryder, James
Gryder, Jordy
Gryder, David
Guerue, Kevin
Guess, Leo
Guess, Wesley
Guest, David
Guidry, Robert
Guilinger, Robert
Guilinger, Anita
Guinn, Guy
Guinn, Jennifer
Guinn, Toby
Gulley, Theo
Gullick, Edna
Gunsolus, Judy
Gustafson, Brandon
Guthrie, William
Guthrie, Ashley
Guthrie, Christina
Guthrie, Melissa
Guy, Maxine
Guyer, Martha
Guynes, Kathy
Guynes, Michael
Guynes, Tersa
Guyton, Eric
Gwin, Deann
Gwinn, Kenna


Hacker, Rachel
Hackney, Tracy
Hackney, Teresa
Hadley, Felicity
Hadley, Brandy
Hafner, Richard
Hagan, Kristi
Hagood, Scott
Haigh, Mary
Hail, Nickey
Hail, Julie
Haines, Grant
Hair, Samantha
Halcomb, Delores
Halcomb, Mitchell
Hale, Rody
Hale, Charles
Hale, Kevin
Halford, Billy
Halkins, Ruby
Halkins, Deborah

Hall, Daniel
Hall, William
Hall, Rebecca
Hall, Jay
Hall, Julie
Hall, Jennifer
Hall, Sarah
Hall, Lisa
Hall, Donella
Hall, Glenda

Hall, Jeffrey
Hall, Billy
Hall, Jessica
Hall, Jeannie
Hall, Brandon
Hall, Brian
Hall, Justin
Hall, John
Hall, David
Hall, Theresa
Hall, Michael
Hall, Christopher

Hallcom, Leah
Halliburton, Barbara
Halliburton, Herman
Hallman, Sharla
Hamburg, Gary (listed twice in a row)
Hamby, Hurshel
Hamby, Rebecca
Hamby, Sidney
Hamil, Shawn
Hamil, Kevin
Hamil, Patsie

Hamill, Tiffany
Hamill, Joshua
Hamill, Tina
Hamill, Jessica
Hamill, Floyd
Hamill, Annabell

Hamilton, Boyd
Hamilton, William
Hamilton, Kara
Hamilton, Billy
Hamilton, Dianne
Hamilton, Edwin
Hamilton, Johnnie
Hamilton, Shawnna
Hamilton, Melody
Hamilton, Johnnie
Hamilton, Beverly

Hamlin, Hazel
Hamlin, Danelda
Hamm, Tommy
Hammer, Elizabeth
Hammett, Denae
Hammett, Don
Hammonds, Janessa
Hammons, Cristy
Hammons, Peggy
Hammons, John
Hammontree, Brandy
Hamner, Steven

Hampton, Christopher
Hampton, Nancy
Hampton, Samantha
Hampton, Kenneth
Hampton, Daniel
Hampton, Karen
Hampton, Ronnie
Hampton, Phyllis
Hampton, Dan
Hampton, Rosemary

Hampton, Kody
Hampton, Prescella
Hampton, Gaylord
Hampton, Frances
Hampton, Anna
Hampton, Kenneth
Hampton, Kevin
Hampton, Randall
Hampton, Ronald
Hampton, Ben

Hampton, Frances
Hampton, Brenda
Hampton, Laquita
Hampton, Vivian
Hampton, Naomi
Hampton, Jim
Hampton, Josephine
Hampton, Hazel
Hampton, Robert
Hampton, Emmitt

Hance, Rhonda

Hancock, William
Hancock, Patsy
Hancock, Shauna
Hancock, Evelyn
Hancock, Vianna
Hancock, Brandie
Hancock, Tina
Hancock, Maranda
Hancock, Benjamin
Hancock, Michael (twice in a row)
Hancock, William

Hand, Gerald
Haney, Tommy
Haney, Thelma
Haney, Barry

Hankins, Rebecca
Hankins, Bessie
Hankins, Carla
Hankins, Crystal
Hankins, Erron
Hankins, Angie
Hankins, Angela
Hankins, Maggie

Hanks, Bennie
Hanks, Rebecca
Hanks, Hazel
Hannagan, Mariah
Hannah, John
Hansard, William
Hansard, April
Hansard, David
Hansard, Mary
Hansen, Erin
Hansen, Eric
Haraughty, William
Harbour, Monica
Hardage, Helen
Hardage, Robert
Hardage, William
Hardaway, Tonya
Hardaway, Johnny
Harden, Jessie
Harden, Glen
Harden, Leona
Harden, Robert
Harden, John

Hardin, Candice
Hardin, Velvet
Hardin, Ray
Hardin, John
Hardin, Terry

Hardy, April
Hardy, Michael
Hardy, Sharon
Hardy, Stephen
Hardy, Siney
Hardy, Donna
Hardy, Lauren
Hargrave, Ronald
Harjo, Michael

Harkey, Charles
Harkey, Organ
Harkins, Jonnie
Harkins, Senda
Harkins, Sharon
Harkins, Dusty
Harkins, Karen
Harkins, Carnis
Harkins, Lila

Harley, Christy
Harley, James
Harley, Paul
Harley, Nathan
Harley, Alesiha
Harley, Crystal
Harley, Cicelly
Harley, Virgil

Harlin, Bobbie
Harlin, Victoria
Harlin, Amanda
Harlow, Robert
Harlow, David
Harlow, Christopher
Harlow, Ernest
Harmon, Wesley
Harmon, Levi
Harmon, Sandra
Harmon, Shawna
Harmon, Sabrina
Harmoning, Michael
Harner, Luther
Harp, Jamie

Harper, Ricky
Harper, Donna
Harper, Gary
Harper, Tonya
Harper, R.
Harper, Kendall
Harper, Iseral (as spelled in Bishinik)
Harper, Elga
Harper, Aaron
Harper, Kenneth

Harrell, Mary
Harrell, Elizabeth
Harrington, Mary
Harrington, Cornelea

Harris, Travis
Harris, Jim
Harris, Virginia
Harris, Lillian
Harris, Valleria
Harris, Lorene
Harris, Zachery
Harris, Andrew
Harris, Melissa

Harris, Amy
Harris, Anna
Harris, Jewel
Harris, Kori
Harris, Franklin
Harris, Todd
Harris, Mary (2 in a row)
Harris, Victoria
Harris, Steven
Harris, Summer
Harris, Froy

Harris, Leslie
Harris, Connie
Harris, Norma
Harris, Vernon
Harris, Bobby
Harris, Rachel
Harris, Jimmy
Harris, Steven
Harris, Helen
Harris, Mary

Harris, Dona
Harris, Tammy
Harris, Iva
Harris, Clifford
Harris, Jennifer
Harris, Clifford
Harris, Stanley

Harrison, Timothy
Harrison, Dwight
Harrison, Ronnie
Harrison, Jeffery
Harrison, Nello
Harrison, Joseph
Harrison, Dennis
Harrison, Sherri
Harrison, George
Harrison, Kenneth
Harrison, Mary

Harrison, Sheri
Harrison, Velvree
Harrison, Faye
Harrison, Karen
Harrison, Magan
Harrison, Linda
Harrison, Andrew
Harrison, Keith
Harrison, Myrtle
Harrison, Richard
Harrison, Patricia
Harrison, Melissa
Harrison, Vicki
Harrison, Theresa
Harrison, Harold

Harry, Donald
Hart, Sie
Hart, Karla
Hart, Ola
Hart, Letha
Hart, Arvard
Hart, Jennifer
Hartley, Summer
Hartman, Vera
Hartman, Roy
Hartman, Johnny
Hartman, Alicia
Hartman, Jonathan
Harttlet, Shavon
Harttlet, Dawn
Harvey, Michael
Harwell, Carol
Harwood, Armon
Harwood, Amy
Haskins, Chastity
Haskins, Ronnie
Hasley, Carl
Haslip, Mickey
Hass, Adam
Hatcher, Krissy
Hatcher, Jeremiah
Hatfield, Stephanie
Hatfield, Megan
Hatter, Ronald
Hausmann, Jeana

Hawkins, Beverly
Hawkins, Angela
Hawkins, Matt
Hawkins, Jae
Hawkins, Janell
Hawkins, Laura
Hawkins, Cameron
Hawkins, Doyle
Hawkins, Desera

Haworth, Ginger
Hawthorne, George
Haydock, Tina

Hayes, Anna
Hayes, Jimmy
Hayes, Douglas
Hayes, Regina
Hayes, Daniel
Hayes, Todd
Hayes, Clifton
Hayes, Betty
Hayes, Steven
Hayes, James

Hayes, Pamela
Hayes, Dustin
Hayes, Bradley
Hayes, Ardena
Hayes, Marti
Hayes, Tamara
Hayes, Judith
Hayes, John
Hayes, Kimberly
Hayes, Brandon

Haymes, Marilyn

Haynes, Laura
Haynes, Frankey
Haynes, Tiajuanna
Haynes, Carolyn

Haynes, Reba
Haynes, Robert
Hays, Daisy
Hays, Mark
Hays, Annie
Hays, Doris
Hayter, Latosha
Hazel, Marjorie
Hazell, Beverly
Hazell, Jonathan
Hazlewood, Kathleen
Head, Stephanie
Headley, Kerri
Headley, Anita
Heard, Kara
Heard, Tammy
Hearn, Nikki
Hearon, Jimmie
Heath, Peggy
Heath, Christopher
Heath, Timothy
Heath, Larry

Heavener, Herman
Heavener, Donald
Heavener, Virginia
Heavener, Joseph
Heavener, David
Heavener, Joddie
Heavener, Roy

Heck, Eddie
Heck, Clarence
Heck, Earl
Heck, Bruce
Heck, Steven
Heck, Kerry
Heck, Mandy
Heck, Stevie
Heck, Brandin

Hecke, Sarah
Hecke, Judy
Hedrick Joshua
Hedrick, Jeremy
Hedrick Justin
Hedrick, Melissa
Heffington, Ross
Heffington, Jina
Heflin, Wilma
Hefner, Franklin
Hegler, Charles
Heidt, Jeffrey
Heine, Stacie
Heine, David
Hekia, John
Hekia, Brian
Hekia, Michael
Hekia, Kevin
Hekia, Valeria
Hekia, Teresa
Held, John
Helms, Joshua
Helms, Leandra
Helms, Chad
Helms, Dewey
Helms, Linda
Hembree, Tammie
Hembree, Alfred
Hembree, Rodger
Hemmert, Carol
Hemmingway, Lawanda
Hemphill, James
Hemphill, Michael
Hemry, Kenneth

Henderson, Rosie
Henderson, Kurt
Henderson, Marlo
Henderson, Jerry
Henderson, Micheal
Henderson, Donald
Henderson, Lisa
Henderson, Lester
Henderson, Curtis
Henderson, Robert

Henderson, Amanda
Henderson, Daina
Henderson, Stephanie
Henderson, Kimberly
Henderson, Trisha
Henderson, Cale
Henderson, Oceana
Henderson, Shelly

Hendon, Regina
Hendricks, Richard,
Hendricks, Karen

Hendrix, Stacy
Hendrix, Lisa
Hendrix, Brian
Hendrix, Billy
Hendrix, Gregory
Hendrix, Donnie
Hendrix, Betty
Hendrix, Karen
Hendrix, Matthew
Hendrix, Sherry
Hendrix, Keith
Hendrix, W.C.

Henington, Juanita
Henington, Velma
Henington, Hal
Henington, Barbara
Henley, Brooke
Hennigan, Timothy
Hennigan, Henry
Henning, Joshua
Henning, Darby

Henry, Hanson
Henry, Etheline
Henry, Dean
Henry, Justin
Henry, Jeffrey
Henry, Wanda
Henry, Douglas
Henry, Crystal
Henry, Charlene
Henry, Ryan
Henry, Susie
Henry, Jacquelyn
Henry, Larry
Henry, Karen

Henshaw, Dana
Henshaw, Sheila
Henshaw, Kristi
Hensinger, Aaron
Hensley, Lisa
Hensley, Harry
Hensley Crystal
Hensley, Carl
Hensley, Dawn
Henson, Jennifer
Henson, Michael
Henson, Melanie
Henson, Judity
Hepler, David
Herandy, Rosa
Herell, Trisha
Herell, Carolyn
Hernandez, Sunny
Herndon, Diana
Herndon, Franklin
Herndon, Gary
Herndon, Leo
Herrera, Miachel
Herrington, Cody
Herrington, Jimmy
Heskett, Debora
Heskett, Bobbie
Hess, Sandra
Hess, Rhonda
Hess, Kristina
Hester, James
Hestily, Stephanie
Hewitt, Natalie
Hiarker, Efleadia (as spelled in Bishinik)
Hibben, Wylie
Hibben, Tammy
Hibben, James
Hibben, Michael
Hibben, Samuel
Hibben, Tina
Hibben, Wayne
Hibben, Janet
Hiberd, Mark
Hiberd, Laura
Hiberd, Jerry
Hiberd, Katherine
Hiberd, Vita
Hickinbotham, Eddie

Hickman, Justin
Hickman, Rebecca
Hickman, Terry
Hickman, Lorene
Hickman, Samuel
Hickman, David
Hickman, Linda
Hickman, Shannon
Hickman, Mary

Hickman, Ronald
Hickman, Irene
Hickman, James
Hickman, Jerry
Hickman, Steven
Hickman, Barb
Hickman, Kristin
Hickman, Sandra

Hicks, Christine
Hicks, Lucille
Hicks, Joe
Hicks, Ronnie
Hicks, Victoria
Hicks, Jerry
Hicks, Amanda
Hicks, Mara

Hicks, Louise
Hicks, Dani
Hicks, Geary
Hicks, James
Hicks, Mindy
Hicks, Linda
Hicks, Leon
Hicks, Misty
Hicks, Susie

Higdon, Amanda
Higgins, Menda
Highfill, Glen
Highnight, Deborah
Hilburn, Thomas
Hilburn, Melissa
Hilburn, Ralph
Hilburn, Catherine
Hilburn, Kimberly
Hilburn, Buddy
Hildebrant, Lyssa
Hildebrant, Gary
Hildreth, Nickey

There may be 'typos' though I did try to correct all of them. Otherwise, ALL names are as spelled in the April 2005 edition of Bishinik.


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