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Subject: Re: [CHANDLER] Chandler family in Spokane, WA.
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 22:33:52 EDT

Hi ! Mollie,

Thanks for all the great ideas on searching for my father and Family.
Unfortunately I have exhausted just about all avenues, except for going to the
actual location to search. My dad Joseph B. Chandler was in Spokane from
1899-1925 before moving to California. I have searched the 1900, 1910 & 1920 census
but could not locate him in all of Spokane County or Eastern Washington. He
left school at the age of eight, which would have been 1909 so there is not much
chance of records there. His obit was from the limited knowledge that we four
boys and mother had at the time of his death.
I have obtained his work application, Marriage application and SS records and
all say he was born in Spokane in 1899. Father's name changes from John J.
Chandler to A.J. Chandler on various records. He stated that his father was from
Des Moines, Iowa, but the 1930 CA. census shows his parents from Michigan. So
again, who knows ? A kind soul, Joann Gemmrig, did do a lot of research for
me in Spokane a number of years back, but we came up with zip. The
Grandfather's brother is a great idea, as Joe said he had an Uncle who served in WWI, but
I haven't a clue on how to find him either. I have looked at the draft
registrations, but haven't found anyone who might fit the picture, so to speak. As
time goes by, I think this brick wall is getting taller and stronger.

Dave Chandler -

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> Not sure where you have already looked. I assume that you have tried for an
> obit for your father and perhaps a death certificate, sometimes they are
> helpful. If you have a marriage record for parents, it might further locate
> specific area where family lived. Your Mother's records may also give you a
> clue. Generally, family is buried in a family plot either of the male or female
> line. You also might look at newspapers of the area where you think your
> father's family may have lived, many of these are on microfilm and can be
> borrowed. If your gr father were a merchant, perhaps there would be an ad and he
> paid taxes. If you can narrow down the area, there might be school records
> which would give parents. Another route is historical county histories, may
> acquire through interlibrary loan. If you haven't subscribed to the Spokane
> County site on Rootsweb, that's another avenue. Frequently a kind soul will
> do some searching for you, maybe even in city directories. I would try for
> the census records and look for Chandlers living close together. May have to
> search the line of a brother of your grandfather. We all have those brick
> walls but they do tumble down. Keep looking.
> Mollie in Missouri
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>> Subject: [CHANDLER] Chandler family in Spokane, WA.
>> I have been at a standstill for over twenty years of trying to find my
>> father's family.
>> I really need some help on this. Is there someone that has access to
>> probate
>> records in Spokane County, Washington ? My father Joesph B. Chandler b.
>> 1899
>> was an only child. He stated his father John J. or A.J. Chandler was a
>> merchant. I just wonder if there might be something in the probate records
>> that would
>> show if John or A.J. may have willed something to his only son. Does this
>> seem
>> like a feasabile route to go in finding the father of Joseph ?
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