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From: Stephen Foote <>
Subject: Re: Sark
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 07:07:00 -0400

I do not pretend to be an expert in Sark History or Genealogy, but I do
have a copy of the book "Sybil: Dame of Sark" by Barabara Stoney which do=
contain a family tree of Sybil Hathaway's family, and the first chapter
does contain a brief history of Sark together with details of previous
Seigneurs - also "Guernsey People" by James Marr contains biographies of
most Seigneurs of Sark. From these I have compiled the following :-

The fiefdom came into her family through Marie Allaire in 1852.

1 John ALLAIRE (1763-1846)
2 John ALLAIRE (1788-1846)
2 Marie ALLAIRE (1791-1853) Dame of Sark 1852-3
m Thomas Guerin COLLINGS (1786-1832)
3 Rev William Thomas COLLINGS (1823-1882) Seigneur of Sark
m Louisa Elizabeth LUKIS
4 William Frederick COLLINGS (1852-1927) Seigneur of
Sark 1882-1927
m Sophia Wallace MOFFATT
5 Sybil Mary COLLINGS (1884-1974) Dame of Sa=
m i Dudley John BEAUMONT (1877-1918)
6 Bridget Amice BEAUMONT (1902-?)=

6 Francis William Lionel BEAUMONT=

7 John Michael BEAUMONT (192=
) current Seigneur since 1974
6 Cyril John Astley BEAUMONT
6 Basil Ian BEAUMONT (1908-?)
6 Douce Alianore Daphne BEAUMONT
6 Richard Vyvyan Dudley BEAUMONT
6 Jehanne Rosemary Ernestine
BEAUMONT (1919-?)
m ii Robert HATHAWAY (1887-1954)
no issue
5 Doris COLLINGS (1891-?)
2 Catherine ALLAIRE

The first Seigneur of Sark was Helier DE CARTERET in 1563 - he was also
Seigneur of the Fief St Ouen in Jersey.

1 Hellier DE CARTERET (1532-1581) Seigneur of Sark 1563-1578
m Marguerite veuve Celement DUMARESQ
2 Philippe DE CARTERET (1552-1594) Seigneur of Sark 1578-1594
m Rachel PAULET dau of George Paulet, Lieut Gov Jersey
3 Sir Philippe DE CARTERET (1584-1643) Seigneur of Sark 1594-1643,=

Bailiff of Jersey 1626-1634, Lieut Gov Jersey 1634-1643
m Anna DOWSE
4 Marguerite DE CARTERET m Sir Henry DE VIC (1597-1671)
5 Sir Charles DE VIC
4 Sir Philippe DE CARTERET (1620-1663) Seigneur of Sark
1643-1663, =

Bailiff & Lieut Gov Jersey 1661-1663
m Anne DUMARESQ acting Dame of Sark 1663-1671
5 Sir Philippe DE CARTERET (1650-1693) Seigneur of Sark
m Elizabeth DE CARTERET
6 Sir Charles DE CARTERET (1679-1715) Seigneur of=

Sark 1693-1714
4 Elizabeth DE CARTERET m Sir George CARTERET (1609-1680)
(first cousins)
3 Elie DE CARTERET m Elizabeth DUMARESQ =

4 Sir George CARTERET (1609-1680) m Elizabeth DE CARTERET (fir=
2 Amice DE CARTERET (1559-1631) acting Seigneur of Sark 1594-1605,
Bailiff of Guernsey 1601-1631
m Catherine LEMPRIERE

It stayed in the de Carteret family for 155 years. Following the death
without issue of Sir Charles de Carteret in 1715, Sark passed to his thir=
cousin Lord John CARTERET (not listed above), who was forced to sell it t=
pay off debts. He sold it to Colnel John Johnson, former commander of the=

Guernsey garrison. It then changed hands several times until 1730 when
Susanne LE PELLEY bought it. Her family had lived on Sark since Helier de=

Carteret's time. Through her it passed to Pierre LE PELLEY (?-1778) who
married Martha Careye, then to his son Pierre (1763-1820), and then to hi=
son Pierre (1799-1839).

In 1839, Pierre Carey LE PELLEY mortgaged the island to John ALLAIRE - a
privateer or pirate depending on who you believe - who lived on Jethou.
When John Allaire died and his affairs were wound up, and Pierre was unab=
to meet the repayments on the mortgage, John's daughter Marie foreclosed
the loan and thus became Dame of Sark in 1852.

Stephen Foote

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