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Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 09:29:26 +0100


My name is Alison Sanguy, and I have been lurking on this list since just after
it started.

I live in Jersey, was born here, from what I was assured was a long line of
heritage, but my recent exploits into the field of genealogy has put pay to
that theory.

The names I am researching are as follows, and any help especially with the
two, would be appreciated.

1) Kadrewell, Martin Alexander Walter, my great grandfather, married here in
to Julia Wiltshire. His marriage certificate states he was born St Helier,
but I can not find his birth or any record of him on any census. He was I
believe a
Merchant Seaman who died June 1918, when the hospital ship "llandovery Castle 1"
on which he was cook, was torpedoed and sank.

2) The second main name of interest is Sanguy, I'd like to try and turn this
into a
one name study, so any info please. We have managed, with the help of a
newly found cousin to trace this name back to 1867 France, and the birth of
my Husbands great grandmother, but now were stuck.

3) Other names of interest - Lagoguee, Guesdon, Wiltshire, Adams, Anquetil,
Faucon, Riou, Connell, Simpson, Stringer, Eborn, Alldred, Chelton.

Apologies if I've bored anyone, with what was supposed to be a short


Alison Sanguy (nee Kadrewell)

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