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From: "T. Mitchell" <>
Subject: Re: Jersey Cemetery
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 16:04:07 -0000

Hello Ray,

Thank you for putting me out of my misery.

Caen Lodge was sold in the summer, by auction & is now standing very empty.
I knew it rang bells. A Mrs Baudin lived there, no idea where she moved to.
Although I believe the two properties to the rear are relatives of hers.

Has John contacted the three 'Le Garignon's' in the telephone book ?

I know this may sound silly but has John thought of looking at the St
Lawrence records, as Caen Lodge is on the very border of St John & St
Lawrence going by the Jersey Almanac. Just a thought, as the other side of
the road (La Rue de la Scelleterie) the opposite hedge is St Lawrence.

Hope the above helps.

Tina Quimby-Mitchell
St. John, Jersey, Channel Islands

>Ray here, Tina
>I'm in Jersey, and met with John Le G. (when he
>came over from Canada to Jersey just last month)
>to help him with his searches.
>Caen Lodge is that little 'creamy-white' cottage on the
>east side of the St. Lawrence Main road (just before
>you get to the 'Impressive' gates to St. John's Manor
>on the west side). It is on the turning of La Rue de la
>Scelleterie. It would appear that the piggeries at the
>back have now been built over with some nice new
>and modern houses.
>Ray Le Pivert

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