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From: "Janice Potter" <>
Subject: Captain Thomas Snow 1744-1747
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 05:42:53 -0400

Hi Group.

I am writing to the list with this request in aid that there might be
someone out there specifically in Jersey
that might be able to help us out.

Our 7th great grandmother was Rachel SNOW, b1690(baptised February 25)
married to Thomas Martel 1716
Rachel's parents were Richard SNOW of England(no specific area
mentioned) and Rachel Rougier(Rouget)
At the baptism were Sr. Nicolas Rouget and Judith Lihou. (Was this
couple Rachel's grandparents?)

There is an entry in a called "A People of the Sea, The Maritime
History of the Channel Islands" regarding a
Captain Thomas Snow

"The privateers that took prizes were the lucky few, but some
commanders did achieve considerable success, including Captain Snow,
whose 1744-7 prize list has survived. This captain is presumably the
Thomas Snow who commanded both Guernsey and Jersey privateers. In
1744-7, Snow
commanded the Willing Mind (40 tons, six guns) of Guernsey and in
1746-7, the
Molly (250 tons, 15 guns) of Jersey. Between 1744 and the end of
Snow captured 10 enemy vessels, recaptured 4 British vessels that had
fallen into enemy hands, took 1 Dutch vessel said to be carrying
French goods,
and obtained three ransoms from enemy vessels which he was unable to
keep as prizes. The total estimated value of the 15 vessels Snow had
plus the three ransoms, was given as 312,400 livres (1). This was a
considerable sum, but it is doubtful whether Snow ever received much
of it, for all
sorts of obstacles had to be overcome before a privateer commander
his prize money ... Nevertheless, whatever qualifications have to be
Snow was undoubtably a very successful privateer commander."

Footnote (1). Prize list of Captain Snow 1744-7 held in Société
Jersiaise library, Shipping files, Box S1, piece 54."

I also received the following from another source:

John Jean in his "Jersey Sailing ships" lists as follows :
Snow Thomas : a privateer captain "Marie" 1692, "William" 1737-44.
Snow William : "William and Elizabeth" 1774, "Charming Betty"
"Alert" 1779, and also: a privateer captain, mar.Marie Mauger, built
Lansdown House ,
Millbrook, d.1750, "Marie" 1704 (presumably the latter refers to his
father ?)

In Joan Stevens' "Old Jersey Houses", the original Landsdown House,
in 1704 is noted as having been demolished. William Snow also owned a
in St.Helier in 1782. There is also a stone engraved W S (for William
and dated 1664 in Albany House, St.Laurence.

Our own Alex Glendinning has given us a tip that there is a book in
the Societe Jersiaise Library
called "From Snow to Snow" that covers all of these people mentioned.
To date our sources have only revealed one other book by this title
"From Snow to Snow" a rare out of print volume of poetry by Robert

If anyone knows of the book in the Societe, would you please email us
more information, such as the
author, publisher, can it be purchased etc.

If anyone knows whether the SNOW'S of Jersey and the SNOW'S of
Guernsey are related, please e-mail us.
The dating of Thomas SNOW and Rachel SNOW could easily make them
brother and sister, or perhaps

Faithfully yours,

Janice Potter
Stephen Foote
Peter Guilbert

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