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From: "Liz" <>
Subject: RE: [CI] deportation lists for Jersey during WW2
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 11:43:53 +0100
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Hi Hayley

Amazon <> has "limited availibility" copies. If you have
no joy with them, you could try the ABE website. I've bought lots of
books from there in the past. <>

Best wishes

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From: Matt Le Meur [mailto:]
Sent: 16 January 2003 14:36
Subject: Re: [CI] deportation lists for Jersey during WW2

Hi Liz,

Thanks again for the info. Just wondering where one could get their
hands on a copy of those two books by Roger Harris - Islanders Deported
parts I and II?


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Subject: RE: [CI] deportation lists for Jersey during WW2

> Hi Hayley
> There were lots of reasons why people were deported from the islands.
> A notice published in Jersey on 15th September 1942 stated; "By order
> of Higher Authorities the following British subjects will be evacuated

> and transported to Germany:- (a)Persons who have their permanent
> residence not on the Channel Islands, for instance those who have been

> caught here by the outbreak of war, (b)all those men not born on the
> Channel Islands, and 16 to 70 years of age who belong to the English
> people, together with their families." This notice was signed by "Der
> Feldkommandant, gez. Knackfuss, Oberst."
> Another notice included all British subjects with their wives and
> minor children. People with over 65% of disability were reprieved as
> were women over 7 months pregnant (some of whom were deported after
> the birth).
> Two Sark families (the GUILLE's and the HAMON's) were supposed to be
> being sent to Guernsey to lessen the food crisis in Sark (one family
> had 7 children, the other 9), but these people ended up being sent
> instead to Germany.
> The GALLIENNE family of Sark received a notice telling them that "you,

> and those family members depending on you shall be evacuated."
> Three women from Guernsey were deported because they were Jewish.
> Therese Steiner and Auguste Spitz were both originally from Austria,
> and Marianne Grunfeld was originally from Poland.
> A lot of this information comes from official documents which I have
> kindly been lent by Mr Tom Remfrey of Sark, and some comes from Roger
> Harris' two books; Islanders Deported Parts I and II.
> Hope this helps a little. There is obviously a lot more to say on this

> subject but I don't want to waffle on for too long! Best wishes
> Liz
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> From: Matt Le Meur [mailto:]
> Sent: 16 January 2003 03:06
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> Subject: [CI] deportation lists for Jersey during WW2
> Thanks for your help Liz, I found out some new info from what you
> gave me!
> I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere you can get information as

> to why people were deported (while others in the same family were
> not?)
> - was this info. even documented? (it would probably be in German
> though).
> Does anyone know of any reasons people were deported in general?
> Cheers,
> Hayley Le Meur
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