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Subject: finding more about my Jersey ancestors
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2006 21:31:01 +1000

--Help Please

the following amazing situation has arisen where 2 brothers seem to have married the same lady, who was my great great grand mother.

Research in England and some wonderful detective work in Jersey cannot answer the question my questions about William and Anthony. Can anyone in Jersey or reading this list help me please.

kind regards

John Meyers
Port Macquarie

Hello John,

Thanks for the info. re marriage of William DORN & Jane WOODS.
Looking at William's age -23- at marriage on 7th. April 1869, this ties in
exactly withthe age of the William DORN listed in the 1851 census page
(HO107/1561 Fol. 149 P. 29 Bermondsey) you appended to your last email,
(Family of Thomas DORN & Lucy?).

>From this, William was born 1846 and I have found his birth index-
William DORN 1846 June Qtr. R.D. Bermondsey Vol. 4 Page 35

I do not think therefore that there was a mistake in the register for the
7th. April 1869 St. Helier

Anthony DORN is listed as aged 7 in the above census and so was definately
the brother of William.
I have found his birth index-
Anthony DORN 1843 Dec. Qtr. R.D. Bermondsey Vol. 4 Page 36

Therefore the only way that Anthony DORN could be shown in the Australian
records you have as married to Jane (maiden name WOODS) is if William Had
died soon after marriage and she had married Anthony as the widow Jane
DORN. As to where and when this second marriage took place- this remains
a mystery.

Hello Peter

My researcher in Jersey found as follows:

On the St Saviour Registers, the marriage of William Dorn 23, bachelor
bandsman, Fort Regent born Bermondsey London, son of Thomas Dorn, waiter,
to Jane Woods, 22, spinster of St Helier born st Helier daughter of
William Woods, plasterer and married at St Saviour's Church 7 April 1869,
by William Corbet Le Breton, rector. The names of the witnesses were also

Hope this helps.


John Meyers
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