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From: "James Mullaney" <>
Subject: [CHASE-L] Chase names in book on Waterbury,CT
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 00:58:56 -0400

Some names that may be of interest to someone on your list that were found
in the book I have on Waterbury and The Naugatuck Valley, CT...

Isidore Chase - also spelled Isadore Chase on some pages - one of the first
officers of the Waterbury Merchant's Association, formed May 20, 1897 who
is listed as a charter member for "millinery"

Frederick S. Chase - lived on Grove St, Waterbury, CT ; also on the Board
of Directors for the Boys Club, one of the directors of the Waterbury
Business Men's Association in 1913.

Irving Hall Chase - Senator to State Legislature 1893 - 1917 from
Waterbury, CT -
also listed as a director of the Smith & Griggs Manufacturing Co in 1917.
His wife's brother was Captain Frank W. Kellogg. I guess that makes her
maiden name Kellogg if that helps anyone find a connection.

H.S. Chase - President of Waterbury National Bank in 1916 & many other
mentions in the book; also one of the directors of the Smith & Griggs
Manufacturing Company in 1917. (Henry S. Chase, son of Augustus S. Chase)

Irving S. Chase - Director of Waterbury National Bank in 1916 and many
other mentions in the book

Augustus S. Chase - became President of the first newspaper, the Waterbury
American in or around 1893. H.S. Chase was also a stockholder and also
treasurer and manager in 1893.; director of Waterbury Savings Bank in 1892.
Also owned the A.S. Chase Co. , also listed as President of The Smith &
Griggs Manufacturing Company in 1894. Mentions A.S. Chase died in Paris on
June 7, 1896 and was succeeded in the office by his son, Henry S. Chase.

Helen E. Chase - 1911 - "In this year Miss Helen E. Chase gave the old
Waterbury hospital buildings and grounds as an addition to Chase Park, in
memory of her mother, Martha Starkweather Chase." I think this Park was
established in 1905 by
Mrs. A.(Augustus) S. Chase as a memorial to her husband and to be used as a

Hope this helps someone...if there is a connection for any of you, please
email me and I'll add the other information I find on these names. They are
mentioned many times in connection with several industries and endeavors.

Robin Mullaney-Connecticut

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