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Subject: [CHASTAIN] Chastain and Ingle Info
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999 15:04:40 -0400

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999 Sydney Harrison wrote:

>I'm RHEA SYDNEY HARRISON, and I live in Long Beach, California. >(View of
>Queen Mary included.) I have one little sister in Oklahoma City, OK:
Alexandra; >and we are descended pretty much in a direct line from Pierre
Castain through Mom >(Rhea Marketa Ingle-Harrison), Grandfather (Mark Byron
Ingle), going to Gordon Ingle >(ggrandfather), George Franklin Ingle
>(gggrand), Neeley Ingle and Susan Chastain Ingle, >straight back to Pierre


While going thru some files today I ran across some copies of information
had been sent to me a couple of years ago. I was in the process of packing
our move to FL from WA state so hadn't looked at them at that time.

I believe that I may have a copy of a letter dated 7 February 1940 written by
one of your female relatives, Pearl Ghormley Ingle (Mrs. Mark L. Ingle). They
lived in Bondurant, Iowa at the time she wrote this letter. She sent it to
Kentucky State Historical Society in Frankfort, KY. Although it's a little
disjointed, and of course I have no proof to offer regarding her info that
was submitting, it may be of interest to those of you researching the
Chastain and Ingle lines.

I have transcribed the letters exactly as they were written, spelling and all.
I will proofread the dates and spelling prior to sending, but if anyone has
questions they can contact me directly.

First is the letter written by the a person from the Historical Society
thanking Mrs. Ingle for sending the letter which has some facts in it and the
second will be the one that Pearl Ghormley Ingle wrote. Any comments that I
make will be in brackets since Pearl used parens. Apparently Pearl
attempted to
put her info into columns as best she could since it appears that she would
list the info in this order, birth date, spouse and marriage date, place
and death date. I'm assuming that all death dates refer to person and not the
spouse since she's also listed just one date even when there has been multiple

BTW, just for the heck of it, I went to and
looked to
see there was still anyone with the last name of Ingle living in Bondurant,
Iowa. There is only one listing, but hey....he might be a relative that has
lots of info on your ancestors. Give it a try!

I hope that this info helps someone,

Dee in FL
(Great grandaughter of Mary Jane Chastain born 1848 in Henry County, KY whose
parents were George Chastain and Sarah Ann Thompson)
Feb 12, 1940

Mrs. Marcus L. Ingle
Bondurant, Iowa

Mrs. Ingle:

Thanks for the data you sent on the Chastain and Ingle Descendants. We will
file it with our other genealogical data.

It seems that the Chastains did not arrive in Henry County, Kentucky, until
about 1809. In that year George, Robert and Barnett Chastain are listed on
Tax Book. George having 3 horses, and Robert and Barnett 1 each. These Tax
books give the names of all free white males over the age of 21 (all free

males of age had to pay poll tax).

In 1815, George Chasteen is listed with 100 acres of land on Drennon's Creek,
and 3 horses. Robert Chasteen has 4 horses. And a Joh Chasteen has 50 acres
the Little Kentucky river and 1 horse.

In 1823, George Chasteen has 100 acres, and John has 50 acres.

In 1823, Solomon Ingle is listed with 2 horses, and William Ingle has 100
acres of land and 3 horses.

A Mrs. L.W. Sersey, 601 N. Third St., Arkansas City, Kans., has written us in
regard to Chastains of Logan County around 1800. You might write to her.

Sincerely yours,

Bayless Hardin
State Historical Society
Frankfort, Kentucky


Bondurant Iowa February 7- 1940
Kentucky Historical Society
Frankfort Kentucky.

Dear Fellow researchers-- My husband, 7 children, 18 grandchildren, and great
grandson, are descendants of George Chastain of Henry County Kentucky,
his daughter Susan who married Nely Ingle February 14-1825. George signed for

Also a little earlier 11-29-1824 Henry Ingle md, Elizabeth Chastain in Henry
Co. Ky. (I have nothing farther on them.)

Then January 4- 1830 William Ingle married Polly (Mary) Chasteen signed for
Rebecca Chasteen.

Four of the daughters of the latter are buried in or near Peoria Illinois. (No
'tis five.)
My Father-in-law told me in 1901 that He and the Children of William and Polly
double cousins, mentioning specifically Hattie and her husband Mr Francis a
dealer - rather distiller- who became quite wealthy. Later md youngest child.

The dates of William Howell Ingle, wife Polly Chasteen and their names of

William Howells Ingle B 2-7-1804 Died 9-16-1863
Mary (Polly) Chastain Ingle 9-29-1810 D. 11-30-1851

(Record of their family as I have found it)

Harriett M. J.H. Francis 10 or 11-17-1872 She born 10-22-1830 D. 11-11-1872
Louise Frances 1-21-1832 D 1859
Andrew Jackson 9-9-1833 D 1-17-1834
Mildred Marion 2-23-1835 M-Mr Boring- D. 1874
Cynthia Jane 9-3-1838 D. 10-3-1839
Sarah Rebecca 2-21-1840 Mr Kuntz D 1895 or 6 May have lived Terra Haute
James Jerome 12-4-1841 Amanda ?
Nathan Thomas 9-9-1843 Died Monument Colorado.
Susan Elizabeth 4-17-1875 Mr Clausen D Aug 1930
William Barnett 10-14-1847 Etta Jones
Mary Caroline 10-13-1849 J.H. Francis D Jan 1927

And now for our part of the Chastain Descendants.

Susan and Nely Ingle continued to live in Henry county until the winter
1830/31, when they moved to Edgar Co Illinois.

In the 1840 cnesus of that County we find Vol. 6Page 22

Nely Ingle
Males 3 10 and under
Males 1 10 to 20
Males 1 -- 30 to 40
Females 3 10 and under
Females 2 10 to 20
Females 1 30 to 40.

Males 11 Persons of Color
Females 1

I think by the next year 1841 they began to marry and within the next 15 years
some were Ill., Some Ind. Some Iowa and I think about 1853 Nely and Susan with
what were left (It may have been 1857) they went to Kansas in what became the
disputed territory Think John married Leah Sechrist there. They worked hard to
make a home, then the troub [there is a handwritten word above this that looks
sorta like drives, but I cant be certain] and in 1862 they came back to
where their sons George and William were located, although then in the army.
John and Thomas Jefferson, my Father-in-law, volunteered 8-15-1862. They
settled Jasper Co Iowa where Nely died that winter. John was wounded and died
in Tennessee 6-11-1863 and in August after that Susan Died. So far I have been
unable to find dates of birth and death of either Nely or Susan.

[Heading for page two] Susan Chastain Ingle family continued.

Children of Nely and Susan Chastain Ingle.
All born in Henry Co Ky, or Edgar co Ill.

Eliza Ingle 12-6-1825 Franklin Reed Lived Western Ind 10-2-1889

William Thomas 1-25-1827 1. Nancy Jane ?
2. Eliza Stolcop Altoona Iowa

Amanda Ingle 6-5-1828 James Nolan Ind 12-7-1886 [possibly

(above all born in Kentucky; Father Ingle said Susan Chastain born Ken. too. )

George Francis 4-28-1831 1. Sarah Henson 11-30-1851 7-1-1900
2. Mrs Eva Squires 5-9-1888
(He lived Iowa, Kansas and Okls. D. Okla)

James Ingle 10-26-1832 Mary Wishard Lived Ind. And Okla where they D.

Barbara Ingle 2-11-1835 1. John Wishard 12-2-1920
2. Andrew Cashatt Caldwell Kansas
for a long time

Sarah Ingle 7-3-1836 1. Jefferson Nolan 4-1-1917
2. Joseph Camerer Western Ind or E.
3. Joseph Nye

John L. Ingle 1838 M. Leah Sechrist 5-18-1859. D. in the Army Tenn.

Rebecca Ingle 2-7-1840 Willis Jones 11-5-1857 Died Kingfisher Co Okla

Thomas Jefferson 8-22-1841 1.Esther Elvira Harmison 10-25-1866 He D. Iowa
2. Margret Josephine McDonald

Susan Ingle 6-14-1843 B.F. Prunty 10-11-1868 Ill to Kan to Ia. D.

Barnett Chasteen 9-21-1845 Mrs Ella Brown Breed 12-25-1873 Kan and Okla
D. 7-8-1926

Marcus Lafayette 6-21-1848 Single Ill. Kan. Ia. Kan. Okla. Where he D.

I think all younger than Sarah Went to Kans. And came back to Iowa. Then later
Aunt Barbara, Barney and Marcus to Kan. Also George Then George Barney and
Mark to Okla. And later Uncle james from Ind. Also Rebecca who seems to have
gone to Mo. From Kan. Willis Jones D. 1882 and in the 90s she came to Polk Co
near Father and Aunt Sue Prunty. In 99 she too went to Kingfisher co Okla.
George, James, Rebecca, Barnett and Marcus L. are all buried in a cemetery
Union school district.

Father and Uncle W. T. are buried Altoona Iowa Cem. And Aunt Susan Prunty in
Des Moines. Susan and Nely Ingle are buried at the Vandalia Cemetery, and on
the 4 corners of the lot are huge evergreens. I am trying to get dates on them
so we may erect a marker.

I see I have missed one item on Henry County Chastains.
George Chastain m. Jane Spear, Dau of John and Catherine, 7-16-1838 (I think
last fig blurred.

George was son of John Chastain. John son of George.

I do hope you can help me find who were George and Rebeccas Parents.

I hope you may think this letter worth filing away in case any one else
inquires. I knew William T., George F., James, Barbara, Rebecca, Thomas J.,
Susan, Barnett, and Marcus L. for whom my husband was named.

Mrs Ardery sent me the marriages. I am no professional- just trying to
establish a family tree for the family, and will try to answer anything I can.

Again hoping you can help me find parentage or place of Birth of George and
Rebecca ? Chastain.

Thanking you Sincerely Pearl Ghormley Ingle. Bondurant, Iowa

[This third page seems to have been added as an after thought and it sorta
rambles, but since it does contain some names and dates I hated to exclude it.
Even though she states interest in the surname Brazelton in the first
she doesnt mention it again.]

Two other families I am interested in: Ingle and Brazelton
Used Kentucky for a stamping ground.

Nely and William Ingle and Henry Ingle were sons of William Ingle. I think he
lived Bourbon Co.

In the Jefferson Co Kentucky marriages I found:

John Ingle md Katherine Booker 10-14-1819
Benjamin Hancock md. Winney D. Ingle dau of Wm. 9-13-1820
Nathan Thomas Ingle md Nancy Handcock 3-29-1821.

One lady wrote me her husband was a descendant of Mary Ingle Anderson she a
dau of Wmlived near Louisville at above dateshe thought why they were married
there. Now we know there were Handcock relatives. I think lived near them in
Edgar Co. They had a made up song about Old Aunt Winney and they told how
said Come and go home with me Mockey And of Aunt Pop who one day sleeping in
a rocker near the poorly chinked log wallher hair in two braidsthe angel
children ?? pulled braids thru and fastened them together on outside. These
were Hancocks. Now I know nothing of descendants of John or Nathan Thomas.
There was an Elijah grandson of William. His Father died youngThink he married
a Henson, came to further south in Iowa a short while then went on to
Oregon or
Washington and has numerous progeny there and in Cal. But if they know who was
Elijahs Father, they failed to tell me.

So this Chastain line contains all the earlier Ingle I have save this. I do
know who Williams wife was he is supposed to have come to Kentucky when Nely
was 13 years old.

His family tradition was Wm born in Eng. To Ireland to America.

Any help on Ingle thrice welcome, too.

Mrs. M.L. Ingle
Pearl Ghormley Ingle

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