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Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 15:08:03 -0700
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At 01:16 PM 10/13/2006, you wrote:
>Uncle Harrison was born in Percell Oklahoma. 1930, Charles walter
>Brown (my dad) was born in California 1933. Granny Pearl married
>Frank Scrivener then Harold Kersch(spelling?) I believe Kersch and
>Brown served time in Prison, I know Fred Brown died in one.

May I ask what all this has to do with Cherokee DNA?

Did the named ancestors have Cherokee blood in them?

Remember, after Andrew Jackson had as many Cherokees as he could find
rounded up and marched from the Appalachians to what is now Oklahoma,
surviving Cherokees existed in three general groups:

Those allowed to remain on their original lands in the
western Carolinas and Georgia.
Those who fled from the oncoming roundup into the hills,
mostly Tennessee, and blended themselves into the Palefaces'
cultures--intermarrying with whites, etc.
Those who were trapped by Federal troops and marched on "The
Trail of Tears" to "Indian Territory" (mostly present day western
Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma).

Those who survived the march and settled in Indian Territory can be
usually found on the microfilmed "Cherokee Lists." The others can be
usually be found in regular censuses, but they were NOT identified as
"Indian," so there's no way of knowing which of numerous Americanized
names were those of native Americans and which weren't.

That's hopefully why DNA testing can pinpoint Cherokee lines, but,
unfortunately, all the DNA labs I've tried to contact weasel out of
their claims by saying the process is "not precise enough" yet to
pinpoint specific ancestors. They don't want to commit themselves
beyond stating that the results indicated a generic "central Asian,"
or "central European" or "central African" linkage.

But I plan to keep after the labs until I find one not afraid to work
on pinpointing specific ancestors. If I find one, I will let this board know.


Paul O'Bannon
Vallejo, CA

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