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From: Diane Welles <>
Subject: [Cherokee Circle] Cherokee Ancestors/West/Gentry/Cantrell
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 12:20:41 -0800

Hello: I am new to the list and have been enjoying the information and
warmth that comes through. I have been working on my Cherokee family
lines/ ancestors for some time. Some of the names in my Cherokee family
are; West, Gentry, Cantrell, Cox, Poindexter, etc.
Could someone help me with the translation of the name Sewachee or

My 4th ggrandmother was Millie ( Sewachee/ Sa-wa-che/Sewachey sp?)
Gentry. Cherokee by blood from Old Cherokee Nation, east of Miss. River
in the Hiwassee Purchase(near the Hiwassee River). She spoke Cherokee
and English. She was the daughter of a Nathan Gentry; son of Isham

Millie was married to Jeptha West who was at least 1/2 Cherokee. They
had at least two children: Isham J West b.1806 KY and William Y West b.
1807 TN( my ggggrandfather/ known as Horsefly West in later years.) The
two brothers were known as Ice and Will when they lived in Old Nation.
** I would appreciate any information about the area( Hiwassee) where
they lived, and how I might find out what happened to Jeptha and
Millie. After the Removal, Isham and William Y West and their
descendants are found in Dade Co Mo and then.....during and after the
Civil War, in Ottowa Co and Delaware Co I.T.OK, etc. There are many
stories documented, about what happened to them and the extended family.

**Sallie Poindexter is related. At the time of the Dawes Roll 1898, she
was living in Vinita, Cooweescoowee Dist. I.T. She was born in Old
Nation 1819, near Cumberland River. Her mother was Nancy Gentry, from
Hiwassee River area, daughter of Sam Gentry. Nancy married William
Anderson in 1809, Barren Co, KY. Sally married Zadoc Poindexter in Dade
Co Mo. Both Sally and Nancy were on the Removal Rolls.
Sally was one of many who gave sworn testimony in behalf of my many
family members who had applied for Dawes enrollment. Perhaps some of
this information would be helpful to others who may have one of these
individuals in their family line.
The testimony was detailed and also contains valuable information about
the person giving it. I am just giving partial testimony as there is so

Partial List: 1. Joseph and Mary Riley(1885 sworn statement in Vinita)
states that he and his wife were well acquainted with Millie Gentry in
her lifetime and with her descendants.
2. *George W Williams 3.* Peter B Long---Sequoyah Dist 1888....63
years old , knew Perry West, was with him during war
4. *J.M. Richmond 5.* James R. Lamar 6.* Thomas Gaunt ...Webbers
Falls, 1888, 51 yrs old, knew Horsefly

7.* John Ross....Cherokee by blood, 64 yrs old, Flint Dist> stated he
knew Jeptha West, who lived in Old Nation, two of his children Ice and
Will. The mother was Sa-wa-che. Knew them in TN about 54 yrs ago, they
were recognized as Cherokee.. Their names should appear in some of the
authticated rolls of Cherokee.Jeptha lived near N Caorlina line at time
of the general migration.
John Ross says he knew Nap Peach back in old Nation..TN and NC.
...states Jeptha West lived about 15 miles from Nap Peach. John Ross
lived with his father 16-17 miles from Jeptha who was 1/2 Cherokee. They
remained there after emigration; not arrested or captured.

8. *Wat Christie...... Cherokee by blood, about 70 years old, resident
of Goingsnake Dist.....knew Jeptha near the line between TN and
NC....long time ago 50, 55 yrs maybe longer. Seen his family, wife
Sewache, children, two young men Ice and Will and two smaller. Lived
near the Hiwassee.
I lived in Georgia before TN, grew up in Georgia. Lived about 30 miles
from the Wests. Last time I saw Jeptha was about 5 years prior to
emigration. He was near Hiwassee. Jeptha was 1/2 Cherokee. Sewache ws
mostly Cherokee.

I knew Wests in Georgia...don't know if Jeptha kin to them. Don't know
who Jeptha's parents were. Was about grown last time saw Jeptha...about
same age as Ice and Will. I had uncle that lived close by them. Uncle
Nap Peak. Uncle said these children my full brothers( not sure what
this means) Wat Christie goes on to say......I came to this country
with the general here in spring of the year in the
detachment with Peter Hilderbrand. Don't know year this was.

I hope some one makes a connection. I would appreciate any information
or suggestions as to where I might look for more answers.

Thank you, Diane Welles

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