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Subject: Re: [CHESHIRE-L] Hazel Grove, Cheshire.
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 20:03:12 EST

Hello George,

In a message dated 11/01/99 23:54:43, you write:

<< According to my AA book for 1980, Hazel Grove has a population of some
40,680 (with Bramhall) so there is a chance that one reader of this message
might know the other places in the district where a baptism could have
taken place. >>

I lived in Hazel Grove for 28 years. Unless you have strong reasons to think
your ancestor was NOT of the Church of England, the first place you ought to
look is the parish of Norbury, which covers most of Hazel Grove. The registers
start in 1829 and are kept at the Cheshire County Record Office. Before 1829
Hazel Grove was, I believe, entirely in the ancient parish of Stockport, so a
baptism at Stockport parish church is possible. There was also a parish church
of Chadkirk in Bredbury, a few miles away, which existed in 1832.

Hope this helps you.

Philip Holmes

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