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At 18:29 23/02/99 -0000, you wrote:
>Thanks Neil, I enjoyed reading your list not just because of the DUTTON and
>BRERETON names in which I am interested but also for the
>occupations/positions of those mentioned. What does a 'Leavelooker' watch
>when Beating the Bounds, could it be the stragglers diving into the local
>hostelry for a quick one ?
>cheers Steph
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Hope this isn't going on too much.
'1679. There is a tablet in the memory of one of the Davenport, who died in
the year of his "Leauve-lookership". This was an office of great importance
in the City; the duties of a Leauve-looker were to inspect the weights and
measures, receive customs, exercise a general supervision of trade over the
City, and to prevent strangers from trading, except at the times of the
great fairs...'
'Sometimes this ceremony was called the beating of the bounds, and it is
said that some boys, who were likely to remember the occasion were whippped
at the several boundary marks. I was present as Curate of S.Georges,
Bloomsbury, when the bounds were beaten in 1872, and it was a rather
remarkable sight to see a dozen Chrity School Boys in their uniform, each
with a long willow wand headed by the beadles in uniform, and followed by
the Clergy in cap and gown. Some of the boys were sent down areas, and some
up to the top storey windows of houses, while some marched through the back
yards; the bounds were marked by iron plates fastened to the walls, and
these were beaten by the boys with their willow wands....'
Extracts from 'Lectures on the History of St.John the Baptist Church and
Parish in the City of Chester' by Rev. S.Cooper Scott. 1892

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