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From: "grieves" <>
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 16:27:25 +0100

Hello Errol,
I have a book of city maps 1800-1855 and on the Chester page Crane Street
stands out quite clearly.
If you have a present day map of Chester you will see Watergate Street
running west from The Cross down to the Watergate in the city walls. Crane
Street continues at a north westerly angle towards the river and parallel
to New Crane street above and Paradise Row below. This area sits between
the canal basin to the north and the Roodee (racecourse) to the south.
Along the riverbank at this point are The House of Industry, an iron
foundry, lime kilns and the starting chair for four year old colts! Close
on the city wall is a timber yard, the city wall running due South from the
canal basin until it reaches the bend in the river and curves west round
the castle. " Besides linen, wood, hides, tallow, feathers, butter,
provisions..from Ireland; grocery from London, timber from Wales; hemp,
flax and iron from the Baltic; fruit, oil, barilla, cork and wine from
Spain and Portugal. The exports are coal, lead, calomine, copper-plates,
cast iron and vast quantities of cheese. The only manufacture of any
consequence is that of gloves." So I suppose that explains why its called
Crane street !
cheers Step

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