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From: M. Wilson < >
Subject: [CHESHIRE-L] foreign payments
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 99 11:05:04

(Since we researchers have need to deal with foreign currencies I am hoping this post is
germane to the list)

I read Lindel's lament about the high cost of bank fees and thought I'd put in a good word for
Ruesch, International

They offer very low cost international cheque fees ($3.00 US, for instance) and the exchange
rates are fair enough. I use them whenever I need to mail a payment. I call and arrange
payment, mail them my cheque and they send me one written in the currency I require. I see
they don't have an office in Australia, but it might be worth e-mailing them to seek their
counsel. Perhaps they can help, or they may know of who can.

BTW: I've also paid by credit card (debit card, too) and the fee has been only $5 US. Don't
know about what other countries charge their customers, but you might look into it.

(who also has a bank with awful rates for "services")

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