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From: Neil <>
Subject: [CHESHIRE-L] St.Johns 17Cent.tablets
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 19:02:46 +0100

>From a book on the Church of
[with js & is mixed up]
The following inscriptions are taken
from the Tablets painted by RANDLE
HOLME; each Tablet bears also a Coat of
[I seem to remember seeing descriptions
of the heraldry associated with these
somewhere, but can't think which book]

1) Neere to this Place Lyeth ye body of
ROBt. BULKLEY Esq. Sone of Sr. RICH.
BULKLEY of Bewmaris in Anglesey Kt. Who
married Priscilla daug. To Sir HENRY
BUNBURY of Stanney in ye County of
Chester Kt. he died 27 Oct. Ano. 1679
aged 69 yeares. She died 26 May Ano.
1682 aged 67 years.
2) WILLIAM WILSON of the Citty of
Chester Alderman and Justice of the
Peace Mayor in the year 1671 he died
3rd February A. Dm. 1679 aged 71
Sometyme Sherrife of this Citty, dyed
upon the 14th day of june Ano. 1628.
4) THOMAS GAMUL sonne and heyre to Wm.
Gamul Alderman and Justice of the peace
and twise Mayor of this Citty dyed 18th
day of iune Anno. 1637.
5) Here vunder this seat lieth the Body
of DUTTON BUNBURY 7th son of Sir HENRY
BUNBURY of Stany. Kt. He married MARY
daug. to Jo. BRESEY of Ireland gen. He
died 21 March 1652 aged 42 y,,.
6) Here lyeth the body of JOHN sonne
and heire to HUMPHREY PHILLIPPS of the
Citty of Chester Alderman, who dyed ye
3rd day of October Ano. Dni. 1665 in ye
35th yeare of his age.
7) THOMAS BYRD Alderman and justice of
the peace, was Mair of this Citty, Ano.
1631, who dyed 18 of May Ano.Dom. 1644.
8) Here lyeth the Body of To. DAVENPORT
Barb. chg. Yonger son of RAFE DAVENPORT
of low crosse in ye County of Chester
gen. He married KATH. Dau. To HUGH
MOULSON Alderm. By whom he had jssue 5
sons and 3 daughters, he died jn yeare
of his leaue lookership; 8th Decm. 1679
aged 45 years.
9) Here lyeth the bodies of RANDLE
OULTON of ye Citty of Chester Alderman
and justice of ye peace, was Major 1665
who by + + + daughter to GEO. HULTON of
Chester had issue 6 sons and +
daughters, she died 30 Oct. 1659, he
died 20th Jany 1682 aged 68 ye:
ELIZABETH his second wife dau: of + + +
of Londonderry she died 25th jan:
following aged 63.
10) Here lyeth interred the body of
JANE daughterof THOMAS WILCOCK, late
wife to RICHARD BROSTER of the Citty of
Chester by whom he had issue + sones
and 2 daurs. She dyed 30th June 1660
[in later hand]
11) Here lyeth the Body of HUMPHREY
PHILLIPPS of ye Citty of Chester
Alderm.: and Iane his wife daughter to
ROBERT WILLIAMSONE of chonley gentleman
by whom he had 9 children; IOHN, IANE,
and ELIZABETH onely liueing she dyed ye
xx. day of February Anno Domini
MDCXXXIX, and by ELINOR his later wife
daughter to IOHN GROME of Worvile the
relict of OWEN ELLIS of the Citty of
Chester, had onely one daughter named
SIBBELL now alive. The said HUMPHREY
PHILLIPPS dyed on ye xx & vii day
ianuary in the yeare of our Lord MDCL
xii. Being ye LXii. Yeare of his age.


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