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From: "N. Moore" <>
Subject: Re: [CHESHIRE-L] condition of 1841 census
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 18:50:01 +0100

Dear Errol in Marysville, Victoria, Australia,
just in the process of ordering the 1841 census for Northwich from the PRO.
The particular area's I am interested in are Hartford, and
Witton-Cum-Twanbrooks, and Northwich Town.

Do you know if these are unreadable as well?


Martin MOORE
Wet & bleak South Pennines

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Subject: Re: [CHESHIRE-L] condition of 1841 census

> Hi f.e.
> >
> > I rented the Northwich 1841 census from the LDS, and it was unreadable
> > except for a few pages; unfortunately not the ones I needed.
> I received the same complaint about the Northwich 1841 census the last
> I brought the subject up and this is all the more reason why I would like
> to see some notation about the condition of the census so the user has the
> choice in deciding how important it is to them but knowing full well that
> in general the census is unreadable. If it is important enough, the one
> page that might be readable might just be the page your family appears on,
> but at least you have the choice.
> > I believe that the 1841 census was done completely in pencil, and that
> why it did not
> > survive as a readable document.
> Pencil was used throughout all the counties and this is why I believe the
> problem has been caused by the storage of the census.
> > Also, I heard that infra-red would make it readable, if you want to go
> the
> > expense of getting it done. Not me!
> Not me either. Another way that can assist with feint writing is to place
> yellow cellophane over the screen of the reader. I do know this helps
> because we have a couple of microfiche readers with yellow screens at our
> library - but it does not help at all when the writing has gone beyond the
> point of being feint.
> > So, I'm afraid that headaches go with the territory of 1841.
> Not entirely, I wanted Little Budworth and have been informed that this is
> quite good, and so I have now ordered it in for our library confident that
> I am not wasting my money. I have also read the 1841 Census in other
> counties and on the whole they have been very good considering the age of
> pencil written document.
> > I cannot think of anything else. I did see someone at the LDS with a
> large magnifying glass, but I don't >know if it helped at all.
> > If you get any ideas about this, I for one would love to hear it.
> >
> Is there someone else out there who has been researching for years and has
> more experience with the 1841 Census who can comment and make some
> suggestions.
> Regards,
> Errol in Marysville, Victoria, Australia
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