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From: "Sansom, Cheryl" <>
Subject: [CHESHIRE-L] Specific Search and Information Requested
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 10:59:28 +0100

Hello list,

My PC appears to have returned to it's full potential capacity this morning,
so thanks list owner for normal service!!!

I posted a message yesterday and I now have some more specific information
about the requests I previously posted for my friend Pauline. She is
desperately seeking information on the following people. So if SKS out
there has any information on the following it would be greatly appreciated;
she has some information to pass back to me re a few of your messages so I
should hopefully be able to pass those messages back to the list next week
some time.

Here goes:

*Charles HARVEY born ~1850 in Weston Wy Bunbry (query over my
spelling) he is the Cheshire contact any information about him will be of
great help, she is specifically seeking information about his birth.
*Jane RENNEY born in 1848 any info
*Francis RENNEY believed to be Jane's father was a Master Mariner in
*James McQUINN born in 1832 or 1823 in Hayfield, Derbyshire
*Robert PARSONS born ~ 1820's was also a Master Mariner in Sunderland

Any information will be greatly appreciated and she is willing to share her
information on her searches, she is also researching YULE, Scotland 1800's.

Many thanks for your eagerness in helping, yours wired into her own research
of SANSOM; DELVES; and BIDEN (believed to be the founders of Biden's

Thanks again and best wishes to you all.


Cheryl Sansom

Special Projects / BIP Administrator
Bechtel Water Technology Ltd.
Tel 01925 857 117
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