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Subject: [CHESHIRE-L] Re: Jackson of Middlewich
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 05:24:06 EDT

Now why should i know your naME ? hAVE WE COMMUNICATED BEFORE?
Now this sounds quite a possibility, as all the christian names you mention
are in my pedigree and there are shoemakers - Its a question of sorting the
wheat from the chaff!
'Tis a pity that this renewed interest in the jacksons happens just as the
Summer holidays are upon us , i would be able to devote more time to these -
unfortunately my small daughter's summer Hols are descending upon the Parents!

I will try to answer you soon - but please bear with me!
BOOTH- I have some booth kin, originally from the Warrington area, moved to
Liverpool in the late 18th C , became corn merchants and shipowners,
producing among others Charles Booth (1840-1916), the 19c Social
theoritician. He largely contributed to the passing of the Old-Age pensions
Acts, 1908.
Any connection?
Cheers, Peter de Loriol Chandieu

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