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From: "V & A Taylor" <>
Subject: [CHS] Index Look ups
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 00:26:13 +0100
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Thank you Brett,
All I can say is that if a list subscriber helps you out with a look up then
do note what Brett says and seriously consider purchasing your own CDs,
because if one of yours was there, then so may others.
Thank you all (both views) for a proper discussion on Look-ups, it was
marvellous - no flaming - just typical of the Cheshire & Lancashire lists.

Now may I ask a question on the BMI, does it cover the areas of Warburton &
Dukinfield, opposing ends of Cheshire I know but I couldn't stop my
ancestors from spreading out. My main interests are Warburton near Lymm, I
will purchase if Warburton is covered rather than ask for a look-up because
I have several missing marriages from Hollins Green (earlier
Hollinfare/Hollinsferry) not just one!
Alan Taylor...

> We're all grown-ups here, and if anyone wants to keep
> offering or asking for lookups from the Bertram Merrell index, then
> that's entirely down to them. But if family history societies don't
> get back the money they spend in producing their publications, then
> they'll become reluctant to undertake more future projects -- that's
> simply a fact of life. And if people find this information so useful,
> then why are they so reluctant to pay anything to those who provided it?

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