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From: Larue Olsen <>
Subject: Re: [CHS] Listing of BMDs in Cheshire
Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2000 09:23:35 -0600
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Terry and others.
This sounds like a simple question but would take hours to type up.
I have around 20 or more pages of Cheshire parishes that are in the LDS IGI.
The parishes vary, as well as the years for marriage or just the christenings.
I will look up a parish is you want. Just let me know as I have a list at home.

The marriage CD has a list of 2 pages of parishes but can not be copied
from the CD. That means someone needs to spend an hour or more transcribing
it into a word processor. I will be doing this but I am so busy
teaching a English genealogy research class for the next 10 weeks I'm not
sure when I will get to it.
I love the CD. But you need to realize that all marriages are not going to be
on the IGI or even the CD even if your parish is listed as being extracted
or Bertrame has been threw the parish. I have lots of marriages
in my data base that should be on the IGI and their not. I have marriages that
should be on the CD and their not. The records are poor and its easy to
miss them. The registers are not always in consecutive order and its hard
to find
a marriage even though its supposed to be on a LDS film.
Bertrams marriage CD is great because even if you don't find a marriage that
you are looking for you can see at a glance which parishes have your
surnames. Its a great tool to use to see where surnames are originating.
Remember that the wife usually got married in her parish and so a marriage
can be difficult to find. Bertrams CD has quite a few Chester parishes listed
and I'm excited about those marriages. I think the Bertram CD is a wonderful
research tool if you are searching around 20 parishes in and around Bunbury.

LDS IGI include on microfiche
Parish, period of time, and whether they did extrated chr, marr, and burials.
Last dated 1988 I believe. They missed lots of names however.

Larue in America
>Hi Listers,
>About three days ago I posted a general question on the list asking if
>listers could tell me what
>they knew about parish registers which have not yet been included in the
>various publicly available
>databases. Although I was not specific I believe my message implied that
>I meant inclusion in not
>only the IGI but also such databases as the Betram Merrill index and the
>various marriage indices
>that apply the different geographic areas of Cheshire. Since this surely
>must be a question that
>other Cheshire Cats would like to have answered I have be very surprised
>at the relative lack of
>response from a normally responsive List. Three people were kind enough
>to answer me with various
>offers of help including one from Don Tomlinson who volunteered
>Baddiley(St Michael), Wrenbury(St
>Margaret), Wistaston(St Mary), Bartholomey(St Bertholine), Audlem(St James
>the Great) and Bunbury(St
>Boniface) as being parishes which had not yet appeared in the IGI
>lists. Can anyone who has worked
>on either the first or the second edition of the Betram Merrell index tell
>me whether or not these
>parishes are missing from the BM index?
>I'm not asking for look-ups, although Norman Buckley very kindly
>volunteered one, which was
>unsuccessful, I'm just asking for someone to tell me exactly what is
>available on the various
>indices. In a recent message another lister said that Brett Langston's
>book on Cheshire parishes
>"Cheshire Parish Registers: A summary guide" 5th edition 1998, contains a
>list of those parishes
>whose registers have/have not been made available for listing, but does
>it? I can see no evidence
>in the description that such a list exists. If it does I would willingly
>purchase a copy.
>Similarly with the two marriage indices Hartley-Jones and Betram
>Merrell. I have no problem with
>splashing out for the BM CD together with a Windows software emulation
>program for my Mac (another
>£70-80 ontop of the CD cost) but not if the information I'm searching for
>is just not there!!!
>I see in todays mailbox that Lynn Clarke in Dallas has a similar problem
>to myself in that she also
>would like to know what is still missing from the BM index so cannot
>someone out there, perhaps
>Brett Langston enlighten us?
>As we say in Canada this weekend - "Have a good Thanksgiving"
>Terry Walker in Ottawa.
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