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From: "Brian B" <>
Subject: [CHS] The Bereaved
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 08:27:03 -0000


That one didn't work. Certainly didn't create the flack I thought it would.
Everyone seemed to agree. I must be losing my touch :-))

On a serious note however, as so many people appear uncertainto about some
aspects of this matter, I will quote from a letter received from the
University of Manchester School of Biological Sciences and which I carry in
my wallet having given a copy to my daughter and to my GP. Remember, laws
differ from county to country. Thank you all for your replies.

" Dear Mr B,

Thank you for returning your completed Bequeathal Form. On behalf.....May I

I note that you require cremation, that you wish to have your ashes
scattered in the Garden of Rest at the crematorium and that you wish us to
advise ....................... of the date and the time of the final

With kind regards, "

Many replies I received showed that many people believe this to be incorrect
if not illegal.

Brian B
Lancashire, UK.

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