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Subject: Re: [CHS] My big boo boo!
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 22:11:45 +0100
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I am sorry Mr Stockdill but I have found you're remarks highly insulting! I
have relatives that live in Lancashire and I must say they are more well
mannered than you are.

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Subject: [CHS] My big boo boo!

> Dennis Phillips wrote.....
> >>I hereby apologise to all lovers of the "Red Rose". My feeble attempt
> a joke has rebounded upon me with vengeance not seen since the battle
> between Henry Tudor & Richard of York. Please someone, forgive me and give
> me the Lancs Rootsweb list address. I promise to be a good boy! At 70 I
> should have known better! Naughty! Dennis<<
> DID no-one ever tell you, Dennis, that Lancastrians suffer from SSOHF
> (Severe Sense of Humour Failure)? It comes from eating disgusting things
> like black pudding and tripe and onions and spending too much time down
> chip butty mines of Rochdale or sampling the tawdry "delights" of
> Blackpool. Because of these considerable handicaps, they see life through
> gunge-tinted spectacles and nothing seems very funny to them! <b.g.>
> If you really must join it, I think you will find the Lancashire mailing
> list is called LANCSGEN, but don't expect a high level of literacy. I am
> told nobody in Lancashire actually learned to read until the words "Social
> Security" were invented and they had to discover how to fill in the form.
> >From one with 90% of his ancestry in God's Own County and a smidgeon in
> Cheshire, but none whatsoever, fortunately, in Lancashire.
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