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Subject: Re: [CHS] finding mosfords
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 11:28:06 +0200
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Hi Beth
"The Dictionary of English Surnames" Reaney/Wilson does not have an entry
for MOSFORD or any variants that I can see, the dictionary acknowledges that
it is weak so far as names of a Cheshire origin are concerned. The name
"sounds" as though it could be originally a place or field name. In England
most place names were in existance in the 800s whilst surnames only became
fixed in the 1300s. There is no Mosford in my place name index for British
Isles, which does not have any field names an important omission for
localised surnames.

Fred Jones in sunny Johannesburg

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Subject: [CHS] finding mosfords

> Hello listers,
> I got such a lot of help over my mosfords from nowhere, I wonder now
> any kind person mught be able to find my earliest John Mosford, born in
> c.1804 in a parish register? He lived all his life in Tattenhall, and I
> his death in 1850 registered there, but not his birth.
> Also, his wife, Martha Darlington, who was also born around 1804 in
> I know her father was Matthew, a farmer, but wonder if the baptism
> gives the mother's name, or any siblings.
> Also, if anyone has a reference book that gives the origin of surnames,
> told this might give a clue as to where they came from.
> Thanks for all the help so far!
> beth wiseman
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