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From: Darcie Story Orth <>
Subject: [CHS] STORY - Murder in Oakmere?
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 20:51:33 -0600

I am trying to track down the family of Francis and Jane STORY. They moved
from Cumberland to Cheshire about 1891. I dont know the circumstances of
the move or what they were doing there. Jane died Sept 28, 1896 in Oakmere
supposedly from shock after witnessing or hearing about a murder or death.
The family lore is a little muddled on the details. Sometimes after that
the rest of the family moved back to Cumberland.

Now the questions: Does anyone have any idea what dieing from shock would
really mean? Some underlaying medical condition, perhaps? Could SKS please
do a look-up in the 1891 census and see if some or all of the family was in
Cheshire by that time? Does anyone have access to local newspapers or death
certificates? What sort of industry was in Oakmere that they would move
there? The family had a history of farming in Cumberland.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. This whole episode both
baffles and intrigues me greatly and I am not able to find any definative

Darcie Story Orth

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