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From: "Sue Fielding" <>
Subject: [CHS] Royal College of Arms
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 21:37:04 +0100

Hello List Members,

I have a problem and I would welcome any of your ideas and suggestions as to
how to proceed.

I am anxious to find a certified Pedigree dated 15 April 1658, by William
Ryley, Norroy King of Arms.
In the year 1771 it was in the possession of Robert Hyde Esq. of Manchester
(It had been granted during the years of the the Commonwealth)

On my last visit to M.C.L. I found by chance the following little reference:

1869 College of Arms. Contents from 21 Henry V111 to latter end of 17th. c.
search for a Coat of Arms has for the past 200 years cost 2/6d. and for a
copy of an extract of a Pedigree the cost is 5/- per generation.

Last year I applied to the Royal College of Arms to request a copy of the
above Pedigree of 1658 and a request to look for a Pedigree for the Hydes of

The reply I received was not very helpful:

"William Ryley's Pedigree for 1658 has probably been destroyed because it
was issued during the Commonwealth.

If you send a cheque for £120 I will look for Hyde of Haughton"

My questions are: am I being taken for a ride?
Is it really possible for the cost to leap to £120?
Is there ANY OTHER SOURCE which contains the necessary information I am


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